Tuesday, November 25, 2008

vacation: all i ever wanted

good morning! today is the first weekday in the past month when i didn't get up at 4:something. instead, i rolled out of bed at the luxurious hour of 6 am (what can i say? my body clock has been set) and have had a leisurely morning of thanksgiving planning.

so, i'm excited to present . . . our THANKSGIVING MENU!!

■ easy spiced pecans (cook's illustrated)
■ smoked cheddar stuffed mushrooms (cooking light)

■ spice-brined turkey with cider pan gravy (cooking light)
■ brussels sprouts with currants and pine nuts (cooking light)
■ simple cranberry sauce (cook's illustrated)
■ rebecca's version of my aunt's to-die-for sweet potato casserole
■ my friend s's stuffing

■ pumpkin pie, also courtesy of s., with freshly whipped cream

plus plenty of red/white wine options, of course.

i am excited! i will brine the turkey tomorrow morning as well as make ahead as much as possible -- the pecans, cranberry sauce, and mushroom appetizers can all be prepped in advance, so i will definitely do those. even though i am sad to be missing both 'real' family thanksgivings (the philadelphia AND miami versions!), i am looking forward to this fun project.

the rest of my plans for today:
■ cleaning: bathroom, vacuuming, laundry
■ interval run
■ mondo grocery trip
■ some random errands
■ mini-dinner party tonight with some peds peeps

oh my GOD, i am really quite content right now. i love vacation.



workout: 40 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes weights
- pushups, 2 x 10
- plie squats with 15 lb weight, 2 x 12
- bicep curls with 12 lb weights, 2 x 10
- abs: crunches & obliques
- seated rows, 40 lbs, 2 x 10
- tricep pushdowns, 15 lbs, 2 x 10

cooking: josh is a supremely talented omelet chef. he may not know this, but that is why i married him. well, one reason anyway. we had spinach and cheddar omelets, toast, and champagne to celebrate being finished with NICU and also something else i can't yet talk about (and duh, we were celebrating with alcohol, so no we are not having a baby).

(notice anything about his shirt? subtle, very subtle.)


  1. Thanksgiving sounds delightful!!

    You guys are cute :)

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I am so impressed that you are doing all that cooking. Congrats on vacation and making it through. Maybe someday Josh can teach me how to flip an omelette without ruining it.

  3. Looks like an excellent menu. we're going to a friend's house for thanksgiving, which is great- but i'm kinda sad our house won't smell like turkey and yummy baked things.

  4. That shirt was awesome! I hope that the happy news is that you sold your house finally! And I am so jealous of your Thanksgiving menu - mine will likely include popcorn and hot chocolate, but no turkey.

  5. Nice shirt and omelet, Josh!

    Your menu sounds wonderful! Enjoy. :D

  6. love j's shirt. plus i'm bringing a fabulous MINI dessert =)

  7. atilla6:40 AM

    the omelet talent is probably in the dna