Sunday, November 09, 2008

on-call blues

i cannot even express in words how much i am dreading my call day today. hopefully i will get into more of a groove when i get there. i have nothing particularly positive or interesting to say so i think i'll just stop now.

i feel like this puppy looks.

2 weeks until vacation.


run: 14 miles of pure slogging along. i don't know what was up with my legs, but they were NOT cooperative on this long run! i had to stop for water twice, and my pace was way slower than usual (average 9:40/mi). one thing i am wondering if whether my distance device needs recalibration, because it seemed to make me go farther to reach 5 miles than it had previously. i'll take it for a test run on the marked trail next weekend.

fun: we did see rachel getting maried and had a delicious dinner at sage cafe right next to the theater. that was fun.


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    What happened to the mindfulness?

  2. what a cute picture :(
    well atleast you got out there and did the 14 miles. that's half the battle. hope your call goes by quickly!

  3. atilla11:36 AM

    how was the movie? lennie loved it

  4. anonymous: thank you for the reminder! you are so right -- and i am going to work on it while on call today. it's funny how when you need it the most, it's the hardest to remember . . .

    cindy: thanks! hopefully my legs will get out of this slow mode soon!

    atilla: we loved it, too. anne hathaway was awesome and so not acting her typical role. i recommend!