Thursday, November 27, 2008

merci beaucoup

i have so much to be thankful for this year.

i am thankful for:

♥ my family -- both philadelphia and miami branches, and for the fact that i will be seeing BOTH within the next several weeks. i am so excited for both visits!
♥ the country, for choosing obama as the next president!
♥ the security of my job (and my husband's job) even in the uncertain economic times we are living in.
♥ the amazing fact that i am all set with a fellowship at a place i love doing what i love, and that i will be able to pursue a career that i feel i was made for
♥ having only one more call month for the rest of the year (ie, until july)!!
♥ having my sister living close by and our marathon phone conversations
♥ the luxury of being able to get massages now and then :)
♥ exciting changes in the lives of my friends: it has been a year of engagements and um, conceptions!
♥ my body healing from my hip injury and allowing me to run and even train for long distances again
♥ the wonderful people who read my online ramblings and leave me comments and support
♥ orla kiely's stationery line
♥ getting to live in a place with good weather, great restaurants, and low cost of living
♥ josh, the best, most wonderful husband in the world, who puts up with me and actually seems to like it

and with that, i am headed out on a 12-mile run in the crisp sunny november air. everything is pretty much prepped for tonight so that all i will have to do is make the brussels sprouts dish and cook the turkey (which has been brining in salt/spice concoction all night!).

our pre-thanskgiving fridge:



run: 6 miles easy (8:57/mi, 0.5% incline). i ran out of time to do weights before my massage. oh well!

cooking: i wanted to keep it simple and healthy on thanksgiving eve! this did not, however, stop me from opening a delicious bottle of valpolicella. i had my glass pre-dinner while watching top model. the ultimate in decadence!


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    what kind of massage do you get?

    have a fabulous thanksgiving :)

  2. i got a regular swedish massage. however, it was not as good as my usual (i used to go to a salon/spa type place but went to 'massage envy' instead this time to try it out).

    it was still lovely though!