Monday, November 03, 2008


call countdown continues
2 down, 6 to go! yesterday was quite busy and felt long, but i feel like i was more on top of what was going on with everyone. i actually felt pretty good (thanks to time-change rest!) until about 5 this morning. it's the post-call ROUNDS that really got to me -- trying to get my data together in an organized fashion, formulate plans, and present without looking like an idiot was pretty much impossible for me at that point. i might as well have chugged a bottle of jack daniels overnight, because that is how coherent i was after only 90 minutes of (interrupted-minimum-every-15-minutes) sleep.


the good news is that:
♥ i got to catch and help resuscitate a micropreemie weighing in at just half a kilo (about a pound). terrifying but exciting.
♥ i got an umbilical line in the thing's tiiiiiiiny little stump and now am officially 'certified' on that procedure!
♥ i left at 10:15, for a mere 28.5 hour shift instead of 30.

thank goodness for small favors.

the lovely and rather famous kath featured my pumpkiny fall-themed lunch from the other day on her blog as a guest post. i think my hits just quadrupled! hello, visitors! come back any time! if you need to be lured with the promise of delicious recipes, i am making a promising-sounding root vegetable lasagna tonight. hopefully thanks to some pre-cut butternut squash it won't be too labor intensive, since i am post-call after all . . .

i am off to the gym to wake myself up and finish up my marie claire while watching election predictions on cnn. i have such hope for the blue side this time around and i can't wait for it to be official! just 2 more days . . .


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I can see how resuscitating a micro preemie could be terrifying and exciting at the same time. Nice job on the umbilical line too.

  2. atilla8:51 PM

    told your fall forward stoy a few times

  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    You are so a celebrity! Lunch looked delicious.