Monday, October 27, 2008

road rash

5 miles into my 12-mile run yesterday, i tripped over a crack in the franklin street sidewalk, sailed through the air for a brief millisecond, and then managed to scrape all 4 extremities, plus my elbow. i ran the final 7 miles blood and dirt-streaked, feeling

a) sorry for myself, and
b) like a badass.

i'll try not to contaminate all of the NICU babies with my scraped-up palms!

as per my usual routine prior to starting any rotation that involves call and intubated patients, i slept like @($*&@# last night. i really don't know how people with insomnia survive. sometimes i hate my borderline-narcoleptic tendencies, but being able to normally fall (and stay) asleep with ease is a gift i don't appreciate enough.

apparently, i'm quite rambly at 4 am.

so anyway, yesterday was lovely. full weekends off really are wonderful. after my semi-traumatic run outside in gorgeous weather, josh and i had a delightful brunch out at southern season's weathervane restaurant. we had a sampling gourmet cheeses and i had some incredibly delicious butternut squash apple soup. we finished with some maple sugar candy, bringing back old-school summer vermont/new hampshire memories for me. afterwards, we crashed at home and finished watching starting out in the evening in bed. finally, i went on a whole foods pilgrimage at around 5 and spent about 8 gazillion dollars restocking the kitchen. i guess that's what happens when you skip grocery shopping entirely for a week!

maple candy:
annnnd, i'm off to get ready for work at this obnoxious hour . . . i will keep my mindfulness project in mind as i navigate the first stressful NICU day. it's PREEMIE TIME!



workout: 12 mile long run on the hills of chapel hill. 9:02/mi average, which i was quite pleased with! my uphills were slower (~9:30/mi) but i made up for that with some fast downhills (~8:15/mi).

cooking: i hadn't planned on cooking but i missed it way too much! i went against character and decided to improvise dinner without a recipe. the result was salmon with a maple-mustard glaze, sauteed mixed vegetables, and egg noodles (josh was really craving noodles for some reason!). served with a new castle . . .

reading: none, other than a good chunk of haruki murakami's what i talk about when i talk about running. i love it so far! i will get back to academic reading starting today, though!


  1. ouch! i bet you looked totally badass though. yeah!

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I have a scar on my SHOULDER from a running fall. It was not a good day.
    Nice job on the Halloween costume. Some people from work are dressing up so I might show up unshowered in my running clothes and be "a runner."

  3. atilla9:24 PM

    sorry about the scrapes.. we enjoyed that movie enough to rewatch parts with the director's commentary

  4. you are such a badass!