Thursday, October 09, 2008

moving on

it feels weird to be just moving on with things, but i guess this is just how it works. i still have thoughts of my grandfather, but dutifully go about my daily business. i don't know if this is the normal or right way to be -- luckily for me, this is the first time someone i have known well has passed away. but it feels okay. josh and i will be headed down to florida for the funeral on sunday.

i really did live up to my promise and worked quite hard yesterday, not finishing with clinic until 6:30 pm. i had a cute group of clinic kids -- lots of 3-5 year olds and not just babies, which is refreshing because often it's just 'newborn, newborn, 4-month old, etc' and that can get boring. i think kindergarten-aged kids are my favorite. they are cute, interesting, hilariously blunt, and they (usually) are no longer deathly afraid of the dreaded otoscope.


cooking: in an attempt to have a cozy dinner at home with josh, i made this delicious-sounding seafood risotto from this month's cooking light. unfortunately someone apparently needed surgery during dinnertime (and um, past my bedtime) so i ended up enjoying it alone, but it was still good.

running: 6.25 mile very easy-paced hilly run before work yesterday with s., the best running partner one could ask for. we ran our mouths the entire way.


atilla said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

so sorry to hear about your grandfather who exceeded expectations at his blessing of you at the wedding and was cute as could be in his toast. we will miss him

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