Monday, October 06, 2008


i do not feel ready to start a new week until:
• the laundry is done
• the recycling has been taken out
• dinners for the week have been planned out
• some grocery shopping has been performed
• upcoming running/workout schedule has been decided on
• bills are paid/in-box folders sorted

although it's monday, i'm not quite there yet. but i'm close, and with josh on call tonight i will have extra time to catch up on these necessities of life.

schizophrenic running
i think i am going to switch training plans AGAIN. i have 10 weeks to go until my half marathon, and this plan from runner's world just seems like more fun and more variety than the FIRST plan i was using before. the first week looks like this (click to enlarge):i am also going to really work on getting in 2 short strength-training sessions/week, during the 'XT' days.

a new classic: lasagna roll-ups
using this recipe from giada on the food network, my extremely nice sister made and brought over this italian delicacy for dinner. it had a really pretty presentation as the roll-ups created a lovely spiral pattern, and it was delicious. served with tuscan red wine and a simple salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette:

italian wine:
the full pan, post-baking:
once plated:


ok, i'm off to work! i get to spend all morning in endocrine clinic which will be fun. i guess ready or not, the new week is here.


  1. that looks like the same plan i'm using- the ryan hall? if it's good enough for ryan hall...
    i like it, but i may have "accidentally" omitted some of the speed workouts when i transcribed it into my calendar; i'm blaming my preconscious mind!

  2. ModelBehavior3:48 PM

    I totally agree on not feeling like the week can begin untill laundry is done and grocery shopping is done! I get kinda OCD about stuff like that, for example, I don't sleep well at night if my floor is messy, and I can't sit in my room of the closet doors are open.

  3. cindy: yes it is ryan hall! i am sure his plan triples the mileage and such, but it seems like a good solid plan nonetheless, with enough variety to keep me interested!

    modelbehav: ooh, josh has the same 'closet door' thing. i personally do not really care about that, but you are definitely not alone.