Wednesday, October 15, 2008

gotta run

when my best running friend called me last night to ask if i wanted to run this morning, i said yes. i can 100% promise that if that were not the case, i would still be in bed right now. but i am sure i won't regret our dark AM outing at the end of the day when i'm finished with work and can just go home and chilllllllll.

various things
• i decided to go for the blogher ad network. why not, right? i can always decide to change my mind later if i want to.
• endocrine applications are IN! i can't believe that in a short time i'll be interviewing again. i feel like i just did this (for residency!)
• i oddly didn't really feel tired yesterday despite only 5 hours of sleep, but i am feeling it today. hopefully the run will make things better . . .
• i think i am going to run the new jersey marathon in may!
• after a successful shopping trip on saturday (i got 2 pairs of really perfect-fitting, cute jeans and 2 sweaters on the cheap at the banana republic outlet), my 'fall wardrobe!!' excitement has reawakened. and now i want this coat:



workout: 4 mile easy run (8:57/mi pace, 0.5% incline on the treadmill), 20 minutes weights
- pushups, 2 x 10
- squats with 8 lb weight, 2 x 15
- abs, 2 x 10 each crunches & obliques
- bicep curls with 12 lb weights, 2 x 10
- lateral/forward raises with 5 lb weights, 2 x 10 each side
soreness today = CHECK

studying: 45 minutes of OBGYN. i didn't realize it, but having to spend months going to deliveries and working in the nursery has kept me familiar wiht the basics of L&D.

cooking: a very un-photogenic but delicious coq au vin from this month's cooking light. see recipe link in the sidebar!


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    The coat is so cute!

  2. Yay for BlogHer!!

    LOVE that coat :)

  3. marathon! yeah!!!! can't wait to find out what your training program will be.
    very nice coat.

  4. atilla6:53 PM

    i like the new format. hey I used your example with one of my residents who had been told that SHE had not been assertive enough and now was having problems with being too combative with other services. I supported her and it gave me the opportunity to have a nice discussion about how to get your way without ruffling feathers.
    By the way we're really sorry we missed you and sorry about my honda personal hygiene

  5. The first time heard of coq au vin was on the Next Food Network Star when that woman made it at the end. It looks good!

    Where is the N.J. marathon?