Sunday, September 14, 2008


after 13 hours of sleep last night (interrupted by a brief dinner/relaxation break), i still don't feel rested. part of that might be caffeine withdrawal, as i didn't have time to grab coffee yesterday morning post-call, but i think it's also that cramming two nights of sleep into one does not work so well. i hate that such a large part of what makes my job challenging is just plain ol' sleep deprivation -- there are so many other adversities that i'd rather face! plus, it is just not something i was cut out for. if they had included an overnight vigil as part of admissions criteria for medical school, i never would have gotten in.

but oh well. someone decided 30 hours was a reasonable period for residents to work, and THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS.

anyway. i have to work today, but i also have to do all of the life-maintaining things that i usually get done on weekend days off, or at least some of them.

realistic goals for the day:

❖ work 7 am - around 12 pm -- hopefully!
❖ finish up laundry so that i have things to wear to work next week
❖ plan out dinners, make list & grocery shop so that we can eat next week
❖ 9 mile run + stretching yoga
❖ buy gifts online for people (i already have some ideas . . . see below!)
❖ 30 minutes reading
❖ something ridiculously easy for dinner
❖ in bed by 9!

don't get me wrong -- i am still enjoying the wards. i really like managing a team and taking care of different kinds of patients. but the overnight call is just non-physiologic and getting old. i will not be sad to have a month where i get to sleep every night! who knew that was such a luxury?

anyway, back to more fun things -- ie, the online shopping.
from, this baby jean jacket is one of my favorite things to buy for new babies. so classic, somewhat practical, and SO FREAKING CUTE in teeny-tiny sizes!

in addition to 'new baby!' wares, i also need to get gifts for my one-year-old nephew (arghghgh i'm late on this!) and my lovely sister. i think i am also going to buy some of my christmas gifts way early because i already know what i want to give and they are available online. i love that i can go to websites and pick things out without leaving my chair! as much as i love shopping for real, this way fits much more easily into my current lifestyle. and it's still pretty fun!


  1. I can't imagine functioning as such an intense level on no sleep. It really makes no sense. Wouldn't they want doctors of all people to be with it?

    Anyway, in response to my trip to Suburban Square, yes, in Ardmore.

  2. Buy gifts for people through online shopping is really a nice idea.