Tuesday, August 12, 2008

pretty things

today i will take a break from my regularly scheduled online complaining to present some really cute new orla kiely stuff.

the wallet comes in 3 colors and i think it might just serve as my personal reward for completing the PICU month. i have been wanting/needing a new one for a while. the only question is: WHICH COLOR??

obviously, i need this:

and if i were to find a random $500 lying around, this bag would be mine. another stimulus rebate, please!

and, i am crossing my fingers that their stationary line will put out a planner for 2009, but it doesn't look like any new stationary has been released yet.

* * * * * * * * *

i'm on SHORT call today! i am most looking forward to the inevitable nap and cleaning up the horrendous mess that has built up in the house.



run: 6.3 miles tempo run: 10 minute warmup @ 9:13/mi, 2 mi @ 8:00/mi, 2 minute recovery, another 2 mi @ 8:00/mi, then 10 minute cooldown @ 9:13/mi. tempo runs are my favorite. my goal is to get my tempo pace down into the 7:45 range over the next 6-8 weeks.

reading: some reading on diabetes insipidus while at work, because we are managing a patient in the PICU with this issue.

cooking: because i didn't get to shop and plan due to weekend call, all we had in the house was veggie burgers. after dinner both of us were completely unsatisfied so we went to tcby. i got vanilla with reese's pieces on top, and that was pretty much the highlight of my day.


  1. please buy the blue one.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I saw your comment on my blog, which means I have a new reader. Awesome.

    This is my first visit to your site I believe, and already I know we'll be blog friends as I want every wallet and bag you put up. I concur with Vickie - the blue wallet is best.

    Ok, I hope tomorrow you return to your "daily complaining," or at least I think that's how you put it. :)


  3. atilla9:57 PM

    $500? I'd look for a knock off
    Agree with blue