Friday, August 22, 2008


if i could do what she is doing in order to express the exuberant JOY i am feeling right now about not having to set foot anywhere near the PICU for the next 56 hours (yes, 56), then i would.

related to this picture: it's very unfortunate that i completely missed the 2008 olympics because of

b) not having any TV.

all i have even heard about is that china sent some 14-year old gymnasts to compete illegally (truth? rumor? who knows?), and that deena kastor had a rough marathon. that sucks, because i really like her!

i guess i'll just have to catch them next time. although it's not like it's going to be any easier in 2012 when we're surrounded by babies/toddlers/west highland terriers, but at least i can plan on having it on in the background.


  1. Yeah, looking forward to reading how you enjoy yourself.

  2. runjess2:02 PM

    Deena Kastor broke her foot!