Monday, August 04, 2008


i slept so badly last night. we watched the end of atonement, which i really liked, but i still went to bed more wired than a caffeinated chihuahua. i get nervous before starting any new rotation, and the PICU is something i've been dreading (thanks to its fabled harsh environment) for the last year. i hope it will turn out to be like the neonatal ICU in that it really isn't bad once you're immersed in it, but it definitely has a meaner reputation.

• my first day is a short call one
• there can only be ONE first day

so the worst will be over soon!



run: 7 miles at the gym, 0.5% incline. this did not feel so great. i am still getting over my cold from last week (ie, coughing up a lung at night) and i think my respiratory system is not quite 100%.

cooking: as discussed, i made the vegetarian chili-cheese casserole. it was good despite the fact that i could tell josh was sad there was no meat in it. he was a good sport anyway. hopefully he will continue to be as there are approximately 10 tons of it left over.


  1. Jenny6:57 AM

    Mmm, that casserole looks good. I should make that for me and Emil. Do you think it would freeze well?

    Sorry about the bad sleep. Last day of vacation/stress of starting up again always does me in too. Hopefully you have a good first day and the kids are not too many or too sick. I'll be thinking of you today!

  2. hey, nice PR's!! I'm still working my way up to a half...
    good luck with your training-i'm impressed you can do all that during residency. of course, maybe if i had been running back then, i would have been less stressed...

  3. ModelBehavior6:41 PM

    Yay chain letter time, blog style! You've been tagged because I like you so much, so check out my blog for details! :) I know, it's annoying, but I wanna know all about ya!

  4. runjess10:53 PM

    Your hectic schedule inspired me to get up even earlier this morning. Good job/luck!