Wednesday, July 30, 2008


disclaimer: not us, because we were too cheap to spring for the 'rapids' picture. but this gives you the idea of our morning!

after yesterday's hike and 4 hours of rafting the french broad river today, we are now officially SPENT.

it is time for some serious lying around -- and maybe an evening showing of dark knight, which i very well may end up hating but i did drag josh to sex and the city so i deserve it.

cucina 24 was wonderful last night. we had:

- a trio of antipastis, including beets with hazelnuts, mortadella with pickles, and a fava bean/parmesan spread
- an appetizer of prosciutto, fig, and ricotta
- my entrée -- black pepper tagliatelle with sheep's milk cheese and truffle oil
- josh's choice -- mountain trout with lemon-asparagus risotto

we also drank some nice wines -- a rosé and pinot noir for me, and a mt. piscah beer and grenache for josh.

right now i'm just wishing i wasn't too self-conscious to snap restaurant pictures, because i felt the place WAS camera-worthy!


  1. ModelBehavior6:29 PM

    I feel weird snapping pictures in restaurants to, and to be honest, I give people weird looks when I see them doing it. This is applebees not disney land.

  2. Awww so sorry you didn't take photos!! Hope it was tasty :)

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Asheville is a treat. You might seek out the crafts stores and galleries. There are some in town and also on the parkway. You could get in a lot of gift shopping.

    Earth Guild in town has great supplies, too.

    But just relax, too. Maybe a drink at sunset on the terrace?

    Have fun.