Sunday, July 06, 2008

music of 2008

one of my new year's resolutions for 2008 was to discover new music. i had fallen into a pretty bad rut of just kind of listening to what i have. and while i do enjoy reliving college by popping in old bjork or aimee mann, it was starting to get a little, um . . . old. i subscribe to paste magazine (which rules, by the way), and this serves as a monthly reminder that there is SO much good stuff out there. the magazine even comes with a sampler CD every month so i can discover new artists that way, plus it lets me know when my old favorites release new albums.

anyway, this year i decided to just dive into some new music in my own ritualistic, systematic style and buy 2 new albums each month. some of these were things i had been wanting for a little while, others new paste-inspired discoveries, and several are new albums by old favorites that i could not NOT buy. and so far, i am really loving my 2008 collection. here it is so far:

boxer -- the national
juno soundtrack -- various artists, featuring kimya dawson

the historical conquests of josh ritter -- josh ritter
we brave bee stings and all -- thao

under the blacklight -- rilo kiley
ga ga ga ga ga -- spoon

voltá -- bjork
hideaway -- the weepies

may (this month i was looking for running/workout music)
graduation -- kanye west
hard candy -- madonna

june (couldn't resist -- 3 favorites put out new albums at once . . .)
a good day -- priscilla ahn
narrow stairs -- death cab for cutie
@#%&*! smilers -- aimee mann

viva la vida -- coldplay
and more to come . . .



workout: 4 miles easy (9:13/mi) + 30 minutes upper/lower weights -- pushups, lunges, bicep curls, squats, lateral/forward raises, tricep skullcrushers, abs w/ the ball, and rows

reading: 45 minutes of peds in review articles -- one on turner's syndrome and another on gonorrhea. YES, gonorrhea!

cooking: i broke my typical pattern of non-cooking on weekend nights and made rachael ray's terribly-named "spinoccolini" whole wheat pasta. despite the hideous word-combining, it was quite good. i can't get the recipe online for some reason, so i'll just summarize (since i didn't really follow her ingredient ratios all that closely anyway):

-- 2/3 bag of whole wheat penne
-- bag of baby spinach leaves
-- an onion and some garlic
-- some olive oil
-- 1 cup chicken broth
-- big head o' broccoli (or broccolini, hence the name)
-- parmesan
-- ricotta (part-skim)

to make this R.R. delicacy, puree the spinach with the chicken broth in a food processor. start cooking the pasta, and while that's happening, sautée the onions & garlic in some olive oil with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. once they are golden, add the pureed spinach mixture to the onions/garlic. stick the broccoli in the pasta pot as it is boiling for the last few minutes. then, drain the pasta/broccoli and dump the pasta/broccoli, spinach sauce, and some parmesan all together. serve with ricotta on the side, and voila -- a 30-minute meal that actually took about that long (i usually find her 30 minutes to be more like my 60 minutes, and i get mad).


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Yay, I need new music. (Uhh, I changed my blog, it's no longer 26point2wtf anymore, it seemed like kind of an irrelevant title.)

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Sounds like my kind of recipe. I will try it- Mom