Monday, June 30, 2008


yesterday rocked. it is amazing how much nicer sundays are when i don't actually have to get anything done. this is because i am OFF today for day 3 of an end-of-intern-year-mini-break. yesterday's activities included:

• a random walk on a nature trail at the chapel hill arboretum
• brunch at panzanella in carrboro, which was really nice. they had a sunny peaceful brunch atmosphere, and there were no huge throngs of people at the door despite really good food. i had eggs rarebit (poached eggs, fontina, spinach, tomato) on focaccia and josh had lemon-ricotta pancakes. they were both fresh-tasting and delicious.
• lying around and watching no fewer than 3 episodes of freaks and geeks, our latest tv obsession which is sadly about to end because it only lasted one season

normally, i don't relax like that because i am too busy fretting over preparing for the week ahead, which means cleaning, figuring out what to cook for dinners, shopping, and running various errands. obviously, the solution is 3 days off every weekend. i'll just let our residency program know of my new request . . . .


run: 5.5 miles @ 8:57/mi, 0.5% incline
reading: none yet -- but some hardcore learning to begin today. watch out!


  1. just stumbled upon you and, while Im not a high mile runner, I DID use to live in chapel hill.

    miss it.

    off to explore your blog.


  2. I'll have to check out panzanella. So you work on the dark side! That's ok.

    Glad you have been enjoying your down time.