Monday, December 31, 2007

18 for 08

in 2008, i want to . . .

1. remain calm under pressure.

2. read more for work.

3. read more for fun.

4. discover more new music.

5. travel at least one place exciting and new.

6. floss (of course).

7. improve my wardrobe and generally look more put-together.

8. pack better lunches (and avoid eating food that sucks just because it's 'there' or 'free').

9. enjoy and appreciate my running.

10. hang out with my sister more.

11. enjoy my work.

12. look into a research project for next year.

13. work on being a better teacher/mentor to med students.

14. post more to my blog.

15. do more yoga.

16. see more movies.

17. live in the moment.

18. appreciate what i have.

1 comment:

  1. put atonement on your list of movies to see...Happy New Year