Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i heart cardiology*

i was getting sick of that ER picture, too. but Big A -- exactly what is confusing? i know i don't work in an ER, and neither does josh, and we are not actually cartoon characters, but they didn't have an OR or pediatric-wards (complete with screaming babies and even louder parents) backdrop to use, so . . . yeah. a little suspension of disbelief, mmmkay? it was supposed to be us, separated in our 15-miles-apart hospitals, wishing we were together. montegue and capulet. dark blue and light blue. pediatrics and surgery. so together, yet so . . . separated by time, space and call schedules.

such is life.

cardiology has begun. CALL has begun. i still can't tell one hole in the heart from the other, but it's only been a few days, so hopefully this will change. actually, the cardiology kids are LESS terrifying than the hem/onc kids that i get to cover on call. platelets of 9000 as baseline**? dear god.

also, i have confirmed that nothing has changed since med school and i still don't like staying up for 30 hours, not even a little. but i guess figuring an average of 7 call nights a month for 6 months per year (i know, i'm in a cushy program -- but apparently not cushy enough), i only have to do it a mere 125 more times. yay.

* i don't, really. i just wanted to say that.
** normal is at least 150,000.
and also: i promise to post more often!
and finally: i bought myself an iPod nano for finishing my first rotation. you know, attractive and expensive electronic gifts heal all wounds. as do shoes.


  1. atilla11:00 AM

    yeah.. a new post.. I'm so glad you didn't go the way of the young surgeon down the road and dissappear. enjoy the murmurs clicks and rubs

  2. ah...that's supposed to be you!