Friday, April 20, 2007


eph = ephraim williams, college founder, and "e-flat" = as in the key of e-flat. yes, that was (and still is) the clever-but-awkward name of the a capella group i sang in for 4 years at williams. it didn't seem that weird while i was there, but i guess it's an odd name, now that i think about it. for me, this group served as essentially a co-ed fraternity with less (but still some) heavy drinking, and we sang songs from "don't get around much anymore" to (my favorite) sublime's "what i got". i personally solo-ed in such favorites as the buggle's "video killed the radio star", aretha's "do right woman" (which i butchered), some god awful lorena mckennett song that i forget the name of, jamiroquai's "virtual insanity", and ben folds five's "brick". i think i was more excited when i got picked to be an ephlat than when i got into medical school. seriously.

anyway, so i went into all this detail because i am broadcasting LIVE from the ephlats reunion in williamstown massachusetts! so far i have caught up with two of my favorite ephlats, eaten some ice cream, and run on some FIERCE hills.

i'm not sure i still remember how to sing.

but this will still be a lot of fun. yay!

PS: oh yeah, the power is back on. whew.


  1. That was "Mummer's Dance". =)

    Hope you have fun! Say hi to people for me!

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Sounds like fun.
    Glad you have power again.

  3. Ben I.5:32 PM

    Hey little lady, hello. you're looking cute as can be. You're looking mighty sweet. No, it ain't seymour -- it's me.

  4. you absolutely did not butcher "do right woman."

    hi, lovely! told you i've checked around here now & again. but i'm no longer lurking.

    we'll definitely see each other at least 2 times before the next reunion. that's a promise.