Wednesday, February 21, 2007

siren call

i had to do a 'ride along' with the paramedics yesterday as part of my emergency medicine rotation. maybe some people get an adrenaline rush from dodging traffic and making a lot of noise only to find that the woman in 'severe respiratory distress' is sitting in her squalid living room in front of the TV nonchalantly inhaling some leftover bojangles without a care in the world, but i am not a fan.

the EMS people were very nice, though. the two biggest things i learned were:

1) people just dial EMS basically for the fun of it sometimes, i suppose to add spice to their otherwise boring and lonely lives. then EMS has to pick them up, and then they usually feel (understandably) obligated to bring them to the hospital to get 'checked out'. and that's how the ER gets filled up with many, MANY people who would be better off elsewhere.

2) EMS (and also apparently firefighters) love to watch soap operas while they are waiting for calls, particularly general hospital and the young and the restless.


on a completely different subject, i finished my personal training sessions. my workout routine has gone from ALL running, ALL the time (and lots of it) to a diverse mix of running (ramping up slowly, of course), spinning, ellipticating, yoga, and strength training. i am not sure exactly what my goals are, only that i would like to:

- feel strong and vibrant and alive and athletic
- find inner peace
- not get injured
- look hot.


  1. Got to love the yoga in complimenting running. Nothing better.

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