Monday, January 08, 2007

note to self:

do not attempt to use "information" obtained from movies such as legally blonde or even television shows such as scrubs to help answer questions on the USMLE. it will not work.

exhibit A:

now on scrubs, when zach braff's dr. dorian decided (erroneously) that his patient with an aortic dissection had mesenteric ischemia because he heard some random doctors talking about it in the elevator, he tells dr. cox, who okays the idea of a CT scan. seriously, maybe i'm not about to trust j. d. dorian, but you'd think dr. cox would know what he's doing! he's a veteran! and, i thought he was against wasteful spending in our healthcare system.

exhibit B:

ok, so it's not like elle woods actually mentioned the sensitizing effects of 'ammonium thioglycolate' or whatever in legally blonde, but she mentioned it as an active ingredient in the murderer's perm! i figured what was the likelihood that i'm actually supposed to know more than one perm ingredient? this had to be it! but apparently, they don't even use ammonium thioglycolate anymore. it's been replaced with glycerol thioglycolate. see what useful stuff we have to learn for step 2? JEEZ.

don't worry, i'm not getting every question wrong. just around 20% of them.

in other news, my foot still hurts. i can kind of walk on it now, though. progress!

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  1. also, now that i read that first question (rather than skimming it in 0.3 seconds) it's obviously referring to a triple-A (abdonimal aortic aneuryism) and has nothing to do with mesenteric ischemia. in conclusion, scrubs was right, and i am dumb. but elle still steered me wrong.