Tuesday, January 16, 2007

at least it was nice out

since josh is on vacation (hooray!) and our interest was piqued by a friend's recommendation and a great review in the n&o, we planned to try rue cler last night. a cute little french bistro, nothing to do the next day -- it was the perfect set-up for a romantic date to set the mood for this rare time we would have together.


as is his custom when he doesn't have to work (to his credit, this is RARE), josh was immersed in a video game, trying to beat the gaul soldiers and take over rome, or something to that effect. i was similarly immersed in vh1's 100 top child stars, which, as trash tv goes, is AWESOME. who knew blair from facts of life became a born again christian?

anyway. 8 pm rolled around, my show ended, and i decided it was time that we go on our date. still in his video-game stupor, josh reluctantly grabbed his coat and we headed for the door. the trash needed taking out, he decided, and he picked that up as well. i was waiting outside, my heel tapping, anxious for our date to begin.

the door closed with a click. i looked at josh, weighed down by coat and trash bag and with a look of sheer horror on his face. i instantly knew what had gone down: WE WERE LOCKED OUT.

$55 and 3 hours later (after the lock was initially popped, it actually broke, necessitating a lengthy and very boring surgical approach and probably a lot of annoyance on the locksmith's behalf), the Pop-A-Lock! van had left our driveway and we headed out for burritos.

c'est la vie.


  1. are you people the only ones in the universe that don't keep a spare key somewhere? I can loan you a jar to put one in if you want...

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    This could never happen to me, since I keep a spare set of house keys (and car keys) in my wallet--never, that is, unless I ALSO forgot to bring my WALLET!

    L, da