Saturday, November 18, 2006

cry me a river

is it terribly sad that i sat home alone last night reading all the archives of this blog last night? well, i had fun even if it is. she is hilarious and brilliant, or at least her blog is.

i have more free time right now than i know what to do with. really. i'm following my step 2 study schedule, being reasonably productive during normal-person-workday hours. and yes, i have all sorts of things that i *should* be doing, such as:

- learning spanish
- fixing up our house (well, hiring people to do so)
- little annoyances, such as picking up my new contact lenses and writing ass-kissing thank you notes to residency programs

. . . but i don't want to fill all of my hours with 'shoulds.' i want to fill them with 'wants', so that when i start residency i can look back and think that at least i was having my fill of enjoyment while it was still possible. the problem is that i'm not even sure what my 'wants' are these days, and that makes this hard.