Friday, October 20, 2006

days 3 + 4: it's a shoe-in

sorry. i'm sorry. really, that was bad.

so i went with #3. it was my personal secret favorite from the beginning, anyway. and my sister instantly agreed, which is also very important. thank you for everyone who provided additional opinions! i am excited to get all dolled up in my suit for interviews. it will be like dressup. because it sort of is.

i am still enjoying my unproductivity. i have been doing some teacher training and all, but my days are quite leisurely. in the last 48 hours, i:

- ran 19 miles (total). i am following the program that i called josh insane for following 6 months ago. in my experience, i still think that it's slightly insane, but i am giving it a try for the sake of trying. and because i have too much time on my hands.

- 'graduated' 5 greenhorn kaplan teacher trainees. it was a fun bunch. i think they'll do well!

- bought shoes! well, ordered them online from they might even come today!

- watched the rest of goodbye lenin, which made me sad, america's next top model (dude, what HAPPENED to ajay's attitude?? i feel like there must have been something huge they left out), and of course grey's.

- oh my god, that's really about it.

which is ok. i'm enjoying it. 3 more days of this complete and utter vacation from life; studying will commence on monday. i hope.


  1. Excellent choice on the shoe :). Round toes and skinny heels make me so happy to put shoes on.

  2. jacmon3:27 PM

    Nice shoes. But I was reading the blog in chronilogical order apparently after the decision was made. So much for democracy.

  3. jacmon3:30 PM

    CHRONOLOGICAL sorry for the spelling error.