Sunday, August 27, 2006

run for life!

i've been training to run a faster 5K. i say 'faster' in this vague way because i didn't start out with any sort of goal; i just wanted to improve my speed at shorter distances in the hopes that it will eventually translate into faster times in longer races (read: help me someday run a marathon at boston-qualifying pace). i think things are going fairly well - i ran a treadmill 5K at 7:30 minutes per mile pace, which is something i have never accomplished before, and i'm hoping that i will be able to perform this feat in an actual, on-the-ground race, for a time of 23:15.

i was planning on running a race in raleigh on september 9th. local, convenient, and a flat-looking course -- perfect! the race is called the run for life which i figured referred to some medical cause or perhaps a physical fitness angle (ie, run and maybe you'll live longer!). today i decided to peruse the website a bit more carefully, and realized once again that my naivete has no bounds: life. of course -- how could i not have read between the lines? the run FOR LIFE is an anti-abortion race!

so i won't be running that one. to be fair, i don't think i'd really enjoy running a run FOR CHOICE, either, despite my leftist leanings. i think politics and running should remain separate. races should bring people together (so that they can competitively attempt to kick each other's asses . . . hmmm), not force them to take sides. the 'cause' of a race should be
something that no one can find fault in: cure cancer, save the children (the already born ones), or support our indebted medical students (just kidding). fortunately, there is another race on the same day (the get down town! race in greensboro, just 1 hour away. it appears to support nothing other than greensboro, which isn't all that exciting, but at least it's nonpartisan. i think.

off to brunch with rebecca at this place. i heart weekends.

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  1. When I ran the Philly marathon, there were anti-abortion protestors on the side of the course along the river holding up HUGE pictures of aborted fetuses. I wish I had felt sick as I frequently do when I run so I could have gone over and PUKED on them. Why do people feel that races are a good outlet for their political views???