Tuesday, April 18, 2006

people are good

contents of my hot pink coach* purse on 4.16.06, when i left it at the mud house coffee shop in charlottesville, virginia:

1. red leather wallet
2. multiple credit and debit cards + ID
3. $90 cash
4. cell phone
5. iPod shuffle
6. hot pink pen
7. assorted coins

contents of said purse on 4.18.06, after some good employee rescued it, best-person-ever vickie picked it up, and usps shipped it 4 hours south:

#1-7, all of the above. well, v. didn't ship the cash, because that's just ASKING for trouble, but it was there.

the next time i try to whine about things not working out for me, i hope i can remember this incident.

* it was a gift. otherwise it would be a knockoff 'couch' purse or something


  1. You should also remember the million other times this EXACT THING has happened to you. I should know, because I have been with you for a 1/2 million of the times. . .

  2. ha i know. but never before was there so much good, stealable stuff in my bag (that got returned). maybe i just do it purposely over and over to reaffirm my faith in humanity. or so i would like to believe.