Sunday, April 16, 2006

it's kroger, y'all

i always wondered whether other people looked at my groceries while i was shopping at kroger and made judgments about me. now i know the answer. josh and i went together to stock up on our kroger-staples. tonight, these included:

- organic individual mac 'n' cheese
- frozen 'steam in bag' vegetables (my new favorite thing ever)
- multiple organic burritos and vegetarian 'pocket' sandwiches
- a frozen organic pizza (our sunday night routine)
- snotty overpriced swiss yogurts
- kashi cereals
- skim milk
- orange juice
- hummus
- arnold 'health nut' bread (inspired by vickie)
- multiple power bars and clif bars
- toilet paper
- q-tips
- bananas

note that there is ZERO fresh produce on this list. this is because kroger's produce almost always sucks, and i have been burned enough times (the siren call of the sweet-smelling-but-rotting-inside-peaches, for example) that now i exclusively buy anything without-a-wrapper at whole foods. anyway, while in line . . .

rather large harried-looking lady (rlhl): ohh, i remember when i used to eat like that; i wish i still did.

me: but . . all i got are prepackaged things. i'm just lazy. (i didn't want to say in front of the cashier and this woman that i only buy produce at whole foods, for obvious reasons).

cashier: i remember when i was that small! (accusingly) you don't have kids, do you?

rlhl: of course she doesn't have kids! look at her groceries!

cashier: yeah, you're right. you know, i have FOUR kids. i wish i could go home and rest.

me: (feeling very guilty for lack-of-four-kids, being small, and buying expensive snotty groceries) um . . . thank you?


  1. haha - i always wonder if people are judging me by my groceries! yesterday i just to pick up some stuff for my dinner - mayonnaise, artichokes, and cheese (oh, and popcorn because i was almost out). what does that basket say to you other than single desperate woman? :)

  2. oh, and sarah! you have the wrong link up for me!!!

  3. Yeah, because kids make you sit on the sofa and eat junk food. :D

    I used to think like that too. We have a kid and that's why I put on weight. Oh, wait, my WIFE had the baby, so why did I put on weight? Because I sat on the sofa and ate junk food.

    I think if people bought more reasonable food, they wouldn't be blaming their children for being overweight.