Friday, October 07, 2005

decisions, decisions

so i'm a dumbass and i pre-registered for this half-marathon in greensboro, nc, tomorrow. there was no *reason* to pre-register; as if that race was going to sell out! now they're calling for nasty stormy weather tomorrow morning. i feel like my stormphobia has gotten better, but do i REALLY want to be out in the middle of a random wilderness-type half-marathon and get poured on (and possibly electrocuted to death? (yes, i'm paranoid, but seriously)).

i actually really don't. in fact, i want to just sleep in. do i drag my ass out there just because i paid the $35? will it really make it any more 'worth it' if i have a miserable time? of course, there's always the chance that i could have a good time, but with the current forcast i doubt it.

so yeah. i think i just threw $35 out the window. i will consider it a donation to the Greensboro Half Marathon fund. not an UNWORTHY cause, right? right? whatever.


  1. Whaaat?! You pay $35 for a race, you HAVE to go! Two things: race T-shirt and snacks. Your snacks are paid for and waiting for you. You aren't going to let someone eat your snacks are you? If you had $35 sitting on your desk and someone stole both of them, you'd hunt them down and beat their you-know-what's wouldn't you? This is the SAME thing.

    Eat your carbs, go to bed early, and get out there tomorrow and GET YOUR SNACKS!!

    (Hey, everyone in Hartford is racing in the rain. The least you can do is suffer with them. And don't forget the snacks.)

  2. stay home and sleep, sarah! it's not worth the (albeit minute) possibility of being electrocuted or (as i would do) slipping on the wet pavement and breaking an ankle.

  3. Well??? Don't leave us in suspense...