Friday, July 15, 2005

only TEN MONTHS to go!!

10 months and 12 days until our wedding and we're already worried about finding a photographer. i tell you, wedding planning-world is an insane universe unlike anything i've experienced before. new lingo, new values -- and i feel like such an idiot in a sea of well-trained brides who have been planning Their Big Day since they were in kindergarten.

everything is a value judgment, and it's hard.

example #1: do i want a budget photographer or will i allow myself to be convinced by some fast-talking artiste that i'll be so much happier with pictures that cost a buttload more, but are more interesting/artistic?

example #2: the dress. yes, it's my only excuse ever really to purchase a garment that is supposed to be Whatever I Want. but what do i want? could i possibly find What I Want for, like a fraction of the cost of What I Would Want If I Were Paris Hilton? i don't know. i value fashion. i value pretty pictures. but how much, i don't know.

most people would say, easy, just figure out what your budget is, and that's how much you can spend! but we're not doing things exactly like that (and to go into any more detail would be vulgar and inappropriate, so i will most certainly not), so it becomes a bit more complicated. i guess in a way it's better - just because you HAVE thousands to spend on a wedding dress doesn't mean you should. that money COULD also go to a sumptuous massage during the honeymoon, or say the (future) kids' college fund.

well, anyway. it's all interesting, discovering the wide world of psycho wedding madness. but i feel a little bit out of my element. i guess that's a good thing.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I think you should take a survey of those what those who have been married for a least ten years to find out how important the wedding album is. My guess is you would find very few who put it above their children's pictures!! And ask them when the last time they looked at it!