Saturday, May 28, 2005


i attended my very first pigpickin last night. for those who are naive to the concept (like i was until yesterday), a pigpickin is when someone decides to roast an entire pig on a fire. i can't give further details on the cooking method, because i took one look at the half-baked carcass and decided i was going nowhere near the animal until it was rendered unidentifiable on a serving tray.

i don't have much of a frame of reference, but i'm guessing this was a pretty high-quality pigpickin because we had all of the following:

1. horseshoes (the game, which now i know i suck at)
2. little kids riding dirtbikes all over the place
3. beer (although sam adams doesn't strike me as the most appropriate choice. where was the pbr?)

durham is full of so many transplants that sometimes i forget that i'm down south, far away from my philadelphia roots. but then things like this happen (2 blocks from my house) and i go to a pigpickin, and it becomes pretty hard to ignore.

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  1. Re: the cross burnings...

    Let us not forget that at the peak of the klan's membership (back in the early 20th century, during the second klan), most members lived in midwestern states, not in the south.

    For a brief history, check here:

    Just defending my Southern roots, ya'll ;-). Racism doesn't come from geography - it feeds on ignorance, jealousy, and poverty, wherever these exist. Plenty of racist yankees out there...