Friday, May 06, 2005

persistence will prevail (i hope)

ahh, nothing like 10 hours of sleep on a weekday. ever since my marathon training kind of kicked up (2 weeks and 2 days to go!), my sleep need (which was on the unreasonably high side to start with) has become pretty ridiculous. but it's okay, because i realized that i no longer have to set an alarm for work.

i know i was all about 'i must get there by 9!' just a few entries ago. and actually, i did arrive by 9 (or 9ish) most days this week. but then i realized: why does it really matter? it's completely arbitrary when i start my day, really. i can come in at 10 and leave at 6, or i can take slightly shorter days since i plan to work both days most weekends (definitely not FULL days, but still - those hours add up). if i can arrive every day feeling rested and leave when i'm feeling like i can't work at my most efficient anymore, then . . . everybody wins.

i'm STILL trying to get this transcription factor cDNA into a plasmid vector (needed to eventually make my virus!). first, i had the wrong vector (not my fault, someone handed me a mislabeled tube!), so that didn't work; then i tried to do a double-digest with restriction enzymes for a sticky-end ligation (non-science types: imagine trying to cut a krispy kreme doughnut and a little piece of a different doughnut so that they will fit perfectly together -- that's what i'm trying to do with DNA) and that was a great plan, except that it didn't work. so i'm going back to my original plan (blunt-ended-cut cDNA and vector), but with the right vector this time.

my hopes are not as high as they were initially.

science is hard.

but admittedly kind of fun.