Tuesday, April 12, 2005

didja miss me?

it's been a while, i realize. i have no real excuses for not posting other than that i haven't really felt like it. i can't even say i was particularly busy, although i have been in 6 states* in the past 2 weeks, doing lots of traveling, social events, and celebration.

highlights of last weekend's adventure included, in chronological order:

- a trip to the dali exhibit in philadelphia

- a yummy meal at citron in bryn mawr, pa (thank, parents!)

- the wedding party we attended in new york city (ok, so we were late and missed the
ceremony in its entirety -- at least we tried)

- a 6-mile run in prospect park on a sunny sunday morning

- recovery brunch cooked by josh's talented caterer-brother (he made us polenta with bleu cheese and mushrooms, among other delicacies).

and now i'm back in lab, making nuclear extracts of my cells so that i can look at expression of various transciption factors. at least my life sounds exciting some of the time.

*in case anyone was wondering: florida, georgia (ok, it was just the airport, but whatever), pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, and good ol' NC