Sunday, March 20, 2005

you're not hard-core unless you live hard-core . . .

some of you may recognize that line from the awesome song in school of rock, which was a really good movie. weirdly enough, multiple people have told me that i resemble the little girl with the blondish red hair (seen in pigtails, second from top on the right in this picture, making a horrible face) i only wish i was that cute when i was growing up.

anyway. so right, back to hard-core. i'm not saying that i really live hard-core or anything, but i just got back from a 12-mile trail run (well, mostly trails, and some roads) and i FEEL hard-core. not quite as hard-core as josh who just ran 17 and is now going to play football, but kind of a girly hard-core. and oddly full-of-energy. i am going to start project closet organization and then move onto project bake-something-tasty and then probably end with project pass-out-on-the-couch-in-contented-heap.


the thing is: i'm getting much more into running lately. but i know that most people (you know, all 3 of you) who read this probably find that crap even more boring than when i talk about lab (if that's possible). so i'm starting a little adjunct-blog-project, which can be found at (for lost-and-all-alone-in-training). training for what? i'm not sure, but that title sounds pretty cute, right?

probably pretty soon if someone doesn't stop me i'll be starting a cooking blog, a dental-hygiene blog (maybe it would help my flossing!), a trashy-gossip blog, and a shopping blog. god, it's rather hilarious that those are my hobbies, but what are you gonna do? i am who i am, you know

and i really am very hyper.

happy sunday!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    No, you were not as cute as that girl-- You were much cuter!!

    OK, so I'm your Mom, but still...

  2. Wow, you changed the layout of your page... (or it changed itself...). I wish I had these hypomanic bursts that you have - it would make me much more productive :). I pretty much stay in a state of constant sloth :).

  3. actually it did change itself! i was playing with it, then decided NOT to change it, and i think i messed up. i am computer illiterate, you know. also, i wish i was hypomanic, but no hypomanic person sleeps half as much as i do :) and i love sloth.