Sunday, March 27, 2005


i had a lovely weekend. not because i did anything spectacular, but precisely because i didn't. in fact, i didn't really do very much at all. a quick jaunt to lab on saturday, some desperately needed household organization, and a couple of loads of laundry -- that was pretty much it. i suppose there were some minor accomplishments: i made some yummy lasagna and ran my fastest-ever 10k (at the gym). also, i got loads and loads of sleep. but that's about it.

and now i'm going to go watch desperate housewives: a new episode for once.

if you are still reading this, i commend you. i know, it's that boring. my life is too peaceful, so there's just not enough to bitch about these days. i need some more spice (mean residents, drunken binges, catfights, kaplan-related disasters, etc.), right?

i'll see what i can do . . .