Monday, February 28, 2005

attention, shoppers!

so i finally went shopping yesterday, in pursuit of exciting gold shoes and some other girly frivolity. josh came too, because he decided he needed to remake his pants wardrobe, and he left with not one, not two, but SIX pairs (!), all of which looked very nice and were approved (or, in most cases, chosen) by moi. i can't help thinking that it must be nice to be MALE and just pick up your logically-determined size and have it FIT every time. and what is it with male pants all coming in different lengths, whereas women's only have length options 25% of the time? pisses me off, i say. anyway, i would guess josh's trying-on-to-buying ratio yesterday was probably 2:1; when i look for pants/jeans, it's more like 12:1, if i'm lucky. it probably doesn't help that i'm only 5'1", but whatever. it still isn't fair.

but anyway, the shoes: banana republic sadly did not have their gold beauties (#1) in stock! nordstrom did carry the #2 pair, which i tried on, but they were too big and i had to special order a 5 1/2 (not that i'm complaining about having such cute feet. heh.) in the end, i ordered BOTH the nordstrom and the banana pair, and i figure i will have a great shoe-fest at my house before determining which pair is to be sent back (and don't worry, mom, i promise not to keep them both).

i also got a rather fabulous sequined turquoise camisole-type-thing from bebe because i have 2 bachelorette celebrations coming up and i needed something appropriate. the top i got reminds me of the saree i'll be wearing in my friend's wedding! the only bad part is i just keep thinking how much cuter it would look with a pair of citizens of humanity or seven jeans. thank goodness for this kaplan gig . . .


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    If anyone had told me years ago that I'd have a daughter--indeed,two daughters--who are as fashion-conscious as YOU guys are, I would have told them they were crazy. Then again, my brother's always been a clothes horse, so maybe you DID inherit this tendency from my side of the family :-)
    L, da

  2. i dont think we are any more fashion conscious than the average 22/24 yr. old girl. and if i recall correctly, that so hip and stylin' brother or yours gave you a black and white polka-dotted button down shirt (think clown-size polka dots here) as a gift.