Monday, February 21, 2005

and choice #2 . . .

i love these too. i need gold shoes for a wedding, see, and i'm super excited because a) gold shoes are IN right now! and b) i love shoes. so consider this choice #2 while voting. i am going to teach some kaplan now, so that i can afford one of these pairs . . . i would love comments and suggestions :)


  1. Nicole12:15 AM

    I am sharing in your thrill of buying very high-heeled shoes. I also had to buy shoes for a couple upcoming weddings (I was looking for green or magenta, but gold is extremely fabulous.) I finally decided on a pair from Zappos tonight.
    As for these choices, I vote for #1 because they just seem more YOU to me. But they also look more bronze than gold, and I don't know if that is an issue...

  2. choice #2 because, well, they look LESS like your style. they are both f'in awesome but i just think it'd be cool for you to get something way different from your other pairs or your usual style.

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Sarah -

    Yeah, your blog is letting me comment this time!... and what else would entice me to comment other than shoes? hehehe... I love both choices. I've seen the BCBG ones in the store, and they're fabulous - but i think the strappier/less pump-like look of choice #1 will go better with what i'm sure will be a very cute dress for the wedding.

    - Melissa

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I was leaning towards #1, but knowing that it's a fun Indian wedding, I've changed my mind to #2! Mmmm, I love shoes.


  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Pair #2 = more fun. Cuter heel. Get shoes that you can wear to more than 1 event.

    Love you,

  6. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Nicole is right about pair #1 being more you, but I can see your dilemma. I am looking everywhere for cute shoes I can afford on my "saving for nursing school" budget. This is not fun. So I'm thrilled at the chance to live vicariously through your shoe choices... hmmm... maybe I too could teach Kaplan....

  7. Anjali2:25 AM

    Well, I know I am a few days behind, but I had to say that I am super excited about the pair you picked - choice #2 - for MY WEDDING!! Yay!!! you have fabulous taste & i'm so excited that these shoes will be there :) I think they are cooler than my own shoes. Thank goodness my lengha is long enough to cover 'em for the most part. . . See you @ the Bachelorette Party!!