Tuesday, November 23, 2004


that's the sound of me falling from my oh-so-productive-high into the depths of uselessness. what's with me lately? one day i'm all motivated, the next i'm a mess - i always used to have 'phases' like this, but i've never oscillated so rapidly.

yesterday i was productive - until exactly 1:40 pm. it was after-lunch, and i was tired, and i decided that a little 20-minute powernap would be a perfect way to get my brain back to functional. i dutifully set my alarm for 2:00.

at 2, i dutifully reset it for 2:20.

at 2:20, i sheepishly set it to 2:40.

at 2:40, i turned the damn phone off.

at 4:20, i woke up.

argh. but then i felt horrible - like i had a hangover. i decided that the only way to clear my mind was to go running, so i drove to the gym. two traffic jams and a rather lackluster workout later, i got home. it was 6:00. josh i and made dinner, and then we watched duke basketball.

and then i just couldn't get off the couch. it was like someone had poured glue, or crack, or SOMETHING really sticky or intoxicating all over it and i just couldn't get away. i watched crap ranging from the cosby show to road rules/real world challenge to the swan (horrors!). and then i watched desperate housewives that i had on tape from sunday (which was excellent, despite my mood).

how did a day that started off so well end so badly? i don't know. i think i need to redo my schedule, put in some more official time off. or something. ugh. i'm sick of this already.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Maybe you have seasonal affective disorder! Try sitting under a sun lamp for an hour or so a day. On the other hand, you never seem to lack the energy to write your daily blog entry! So, you see, you're not a COMPLETE slacker :-)

  2. I had the same things happen to me when I was studying for boards. I used to force myself to go to the library really early because I knew that I could be super motivated early in the morning. I'd study, take a quick lunch break where I'd try to find people to call and then go back inside. I'd force myself to do questions in the afternoon because it's more active than just studying. I guess it worked well enough; I passed, even if I didn't break any records doing it. But I did only give myself three weeks to study :).

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    i completely empathize with the non-productivity bug. i went home for thanksgiving and didn't read any of the books i meant to be reading, and now that i'm back, i'm reading your blog instead of starting any of the six final papers i have to write before the semester is over. in fact i'm so non-productive that i got jealous when you mentioned the cosby show just now. oh, i do love those huxtables. xxxooo, rebecca