Sunday, November 14, 2004

wash, rinse, repeat.

weekend, weekday - it's all blending together for me right now. even though i do have class, my mornings have been essentially the same for last 2 weeks: get up, breakfast-coffee-n&o, sit at dining room table and study, taking notes on grid-lined nerd-pad in multiple colors. blogging break, email breaks ad nauseum. etc.

i think i need to mix it up a bit. first year, josh and i used to go to fun coffee shops and things on the weekends to do work. skylight cafe in carrboro was our favorite destination in those days -- mediocre coffee and rather bizarre sandwiches in a dusty bookshop setting (tuna & peanut butter was one offering -- and yes, we tried it). random music played loudly on an old record player, and we used to try our best to cover it up with our own cds (headphones, of course). it sounds nasty, but it had a quirky charm.

then there was driade. beautiful outdoor caffe driade was our 'it's-too-sunny-to-be-inside' study location, though we rarely got much done while we were out there -- too hot, too pretty, too buggy.

when we were in a more spartan mood (or the weather wasn't so great), we spent many days working away in the undergraduate library -- in the study rooms, the carrels, wherever.

so contrast these outings with my daily routine of sitting at the dining room table for hours at a time. i'm in a rut. first of all, i have an internet connection here - which makes me less productive. second, it's just getting monotonous. even i -- creature of routine that i am -- need some variety once in a while. so, since i've now embraced proactivity, here's the plan: next week i am going to study each day in a different location.

i know, i'm so totally wild.

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kaplan training starts tomorrow! i'm sort of nervous. my first non-academia job since i was a temp in 1999! i had to sign a whole bunch of papers, including an agreement that i wouldn't jump ship and move to the princeton review for at least one year after beginning employment. also, apparently i can't give away any of their super-secrets, even in this blog, because i would then be legally bound to find you and kill you.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    heh heh heh. tpr made us sign the same papers not to "jump ship." i'm starting to wonder if maybe they aren't a cartel and don't want the world to know that they are actually the same freakin company teaching the same stuff, but just creating artificial competition to avoid intervention from the doj(msft redux :) ) if the teachers go to the other company, they'll out the ploy. and maybe they change their teaching plans every year just to trick us. [/tinfoilhat]

    g'luck with the boards. why are you taking it so late, though? most ppl take it rite after 2nd year, no? i second destroying that computer in order to get anything done at home.

  2. thanks for the good luck :) the reason i'm taking them now is: at duke, we have our clerkship year immediately after year one (so our clerkships are really our second year, and we have only one year of classroom, total). our third year (well, my third-fourth-fifth-sixth-and-possibly-seventh-years) is spent doing research. most people take the boards sometime during that third year - typically towards the end, actually. i guess that by taking it january i'll actually be on of the earlier ones, but i can't imagine studying for any longer than that!