Thursday, November 11, 2004


i must first get this out of my system: it's killing me that i can't use my iPod!! i thought it was a cd-rom dysfunction causing the problem (logical, right? my computer doesn't recognize any disks that i put in the slot), so i trekked to the computer-help-desk (sadly, a blatant misnomer), cd-rom drive in hand, and i asked for a replacement. they gave me one to borrow. i got home. i put it in.

it still didn't work.

so now i have to go back there. making it even worse is the fact that josh warned me not to just bring just the drive, because he felt there was a larger problem going on (user stupidity, maybe?), but i didn't listen.

i realize that i survived the last 24 years and 5.5 months of my life without an iPod, so it really shouldn't bother me that i'm going to have to wait just a little longer, but it does. back to the help-desk i will go, this time carrying the whole shebang. it will be iPod or bust.

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i'm deep into physiology now. so interesting! so much sense to be made. i'm not sure if i would be so rapturous if i wasn't coming off of trying to memorize the layers of tissue which surround the testicles, but hey, whatever works.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    see, this is why you should stop watching tv. i have no idea what an ipod is and i won't ever care. ignorace = bliss!

    lug that thing up to boston, and i'll take a look at it for ya, free, of course :) besides, the weather here is SOOO fantastic. 2 thumbs up for gangrene, baby.

  2. well: an iPod is an mp3 player that holds anywhere from 20 - 60 (!) GB of music (4 GB for the mini, iPod's little brother (or sister, depending on the color you choose)). it is about the size of a deck of cards. i wanted one mostly because i like to run to music and i am really looking forward to having all my music in one tiny package. also, it's super cute.

    and i don't watch that much tv. at least in durham, these things are ubiquitous. thanks for the computer-service offer, but it works now. yeah!