Friday, August 18, 2017

what a week!

I'm ready to move on to the weekend.

I gave grand rounds yesterday.  The preparation wasn't terribly labor intensive, since I gave a similar talk at another institution in January -- but it still was stressful.  Apparently I am more worried about being judged by my peers than people I don't actually know!

I think it went decently (hard to tell!) and was happy to be able to add it to my CV and check it off as DONE.  I also had packed patient days Wednesday and Thursday -- I think it's the back-to-school rush, as most area schools begin next week and everyone wants to get in beforehand!  Traditionally the first week of school is much much quieter, but since we have our own kindergartener starting this year it will be quite eventful for us.

A is definitely a little (maybe a lot) nervous.  She's been at the same school since ~18 months of age, and so this fall is a BIG switch for her.  An entirely new building, uniforms (yes, in a public school - I think it's a regional thing!), and much bigger kids in the upper grades.  On the positive side, her school is located across the street from her old one (and Cameron's) so at least the logistics aren't so bad!

We'll be going to orientation today and then Monday (ECLIPSE DAY) is go time!  I do think she may cry when we leave the first day but I am trying to look at the big picture -- long term, she is more than prepared and will have a great time.  (I probably cried my first day too, but seem to have recovered :) ).

We're more than halfway through (not sure how that happened . . .) so I feel this is timely.

1) Launch Podcast.  Guess what?  Planning on officially releasing the podcast NEXT WEEK!  Tuesday is tentatively launch day, but I'm hoping to announce title + other details on Monday.  There will be three episodes to start with -- I really hope everyone enjoys it!  I'm very excited about this as you can probably tell!

2) Finalize fall activity schedule (for the kids).  DONE.  Between the two of them, A&C are enrolled in probably too many things, but we'll just see how it goes.

3) Start 2016 Photobook.  Didn't happen yet.  Maybe next week . . . or month . . .'

4) Give a polished Grand Rounds.  Check.  Or at least I think check.

5) Give interview prep session.  Check.

6) 670G training.  Next week I should be able to fit this in.


1) Average < 60 min on Moment daily.  I was doing soooo well with this until the past few days when I ran out of books to read and started reading on my Kindle App, which started eating up minutes like crazy.  I have 4 books coming from the library on Saturday though so this should help!

2) Read daily.  YES, have been super into reading!  Definitely leaning more towards candy-fiction (will confess I just finished Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes) but hey - I'm really enjoying it.

3) Take prenatal daily + eat with pregnancy nutrition in mind.  Generally yes, though lately this has included nightly routine ice cream (or gelato) consumption.  My weight gain has slowed down though so I'm assuming my body just knows what it wants!

4) Run 3-4x/week and strength 2x/week.  Doing pretty well with this so far - last week was lighter due to sickness but overall I am meeting these goals.  (All of my strength work is barre3, it's just what works for me these days!).


Hobonichi's 2018 lineup is up!!  I have been wavering, but am tempted to just stick with Hobonichi again next year.  My system just works too well, even if it is starting to feel a bit routine.  Hmmmmmm.  Anyway, the new covers are viewable!  The store is open for purchases in September, but it's fun to peruse early.  I feel like this means planner season has officially begun . . . if there is such a thing!

some cute Cousin covers

I like this one!

Happy weekend!  Off to run, work, and strategize for the next 2 days (will be some intense kid-time since Josh is on call!).  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

summer marches on . . .

I can't even call this post a weekend update, since it's mid-day Tuesday already.  Since my last post, Charlottesville happened, and while I've really been NOT paying a lot of attention to the news (I believe in Aziz Ansari's philosophy here), I couldn't quite turn away this time.  It made me so sad (and angry, and hopeless) to see that our country has gotten to the place where it has.  I have such great memories of time spent in Charlottesville (mostly with my college BFF Vickie who was there all the way through medical school and residency).  I've run their half marathon twice (maybe 3 times?) and would love to do it again.  

Anyway, so I've been thinking about the town and the people, and our country.  I'm trying to figure out the right ways to stand up against such hate, and welcome ideas (places to donate, actions to take, etc).  I truly hope things get better.  

In our corner, we had a reasonably good family-centric weekend - we were both off and spent most of the time at home or in the neighborhood.  Josh and I did venture out to see Dunkirk (a little too MUCH for me right now, I think).  We were all a little sick (GI . . .fun) so energy levels weren't amazing.  But I think everyone is better now.

More positive things to focus on:

1) The Atlantic.  I know, also news related.  But Josh and I have decided that a monthly magazine is the most tolerable way to stay reasonably updated without so much in-your-face-headline-sensationalism.  I am really into reading the issues in small pieces throughout the month.

2) THE ECLIPSE!  Have you looked up how it will look near you?  We won't have a total eclipse in FL (my sister, still in NC, gets a much better view!) but it will be pretty exciting nonetheless.

I am disappointed in my planning-ahead self for NOT ordering glasses (which are now exorbitantly expensive on amazon). Oh well.  We are going to employ some low-tech mirror/paper/etc viewing techniques.  I'm off that day AND it's A's first day of school!  What an event.

3) Magnatiles!  These are seriously the most versatile popular toys in our house.  They are pricey but their cost-per-use is probably one of the lowest of any of the toys we own.  I just added a glow-in-the-dark set.  This is literally our house every evening:

4) Museum outings.  We headed to the Frost and finally arrived early enough to park! (TIP: DO NOT GO MID-DAY ON A WEEKEND).  This is what our family would look like if A&C were both quadruplets:

God help us all.

5) Calzones!  I made some using this easy crust recipe (seriously, very easy!) and this sausage-vegetable filling.  They turned out really good!  C loved them.  (A would not taste but that had much more to do with stubborn-ness than calzone quality).

6) The Backpack, which arrived with plenty of time to spare


PODCAST UPDATE:  Episode 1 has been edited and is almost ready for prime time!  We're hoping to launch as early as next week - stay tuned!


Weekly workout report Aug 7 - 13 
pregnancy week 23

M - Treadmill run 35 min, 2.8 mi.  5 min run / 2 min walk x 5

T - REST - getting over cold

W - Barre3 40 minute workou

R - Treadmill run 42 min.  Ran 10 / walk 2 / Ran 8 / walk 2 / Ran 6 / walk 2 / Ran 4 / walk 2 / Ran 2 / walk 2.  (Paces 5 - 5.5 mph running).  Gotta keep it interesting . . .

F - REST - now with GI issues (it was a very sick week)

S - Treadmill run 44 min.  Ran 20 min @ 5 mph, walked 2 min, ran 20 min @ 5 mph, walked 2 min.

S - REST again.  It was a rough week - what can I say!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

backpack conquest

Thank you for all the fantastic Q&A submitted to the last post, my email, and Instagram!  Episode Recording Day (yes, that's in all capitals because I was EXCITED) went really well, and I'm hoping we'll be able to release in just a couple of weeks!  More details to follow, of course, when we have the actual launch date finalized.

I had yesterday off, and besides giving my vocal cords a workout it was a nice refreshing mid-week break.  My day off each week rotates -- or actually it just depends on when I schedule it.  It takes more maneuvering, but I much prefer it this way so that I can work around kid-related activities and also work meetings (i.e. make sure NOT to be off when I know I have an important meeting to run or attend!).   I also kind of like the variety - Fridays are lovely for that long weekend feeling, but sometimes breaking up the work week feels good too.

Activities on my day off yesterday:
✔︎ Slept in (until 6 am or so . . . yes this counts)

✔︎ Podcast recording!

✔︎ Barre3 workout

✔︎ Took Annabel on solo outing to buy backpack for school.  We looked at Target, but I just couldn't let her take home a Barbie monstrosity that looked like it would fall apart in 30 seconds.  We made a deal -- I let her take home a Descendents doll and she let me offer her an array of backpacks to choose from online.  She picked this one:

festooned with puppies

She was happy and so was I (because I won't have to stare at plastic Barbie for the next 9 months or however long that one was going to last!).  I'm now 99% done with back to school shopping (C is going to just reuse his Skip Hop backpack from last year - sorry dude, it's still in good shape!) and just need to get A a new water bottle for her lunch box.  Oh, and pick up uniforms for her (which don't go on sale until next week even though school starts the 21st!).  Whew!

Up for debate:  Monogramming with first name, yay or nay?  Valid safety concern or not?  Josh was strongly opposed so we did initials (which I was fine with -- and not something I wanted to fight over!) but just curious :)

I also got to hang out with Josh, who came home on the early-ish side (8 pm) and read some of Loner, which is this month's book club selection.  Thus far I like it but I can tell it's going to take a turn for the disturbing . . . at least that's likely to make good fodder for discussion.

Off to run!