Wednesday, May 25, 2016

pix & persona

vacation day 2:
hiking in Armstrong Woods
massages (YES)
some tv watching (Silicon Valley & A Place to Call Home)
a lot of laziness

Pretty much perfection :)


Ana had quite an interesting post yesterday, inspired by a prior post by nicoleandmaggie.  The topic at hand: how does your online persona compare with your IRL one?

HMMMM.  IRL I think I:

- am sillier.  more lighthearted than I often come off here.
- am more sarcastic. 
- curse more.
- am more impulsive.
- express more passionate opinions.  

Much of the above is because this is a public blog, and I am well aware that my identity is either obvious or very easy to figure out based on context.  I know that patients (and prospective patients!) sometimes stumble upon this site while attempting to google reviews and credentials.  Therefore, even as I strive for authenticity, I am always writing with that filter in mind.  

There's also the fact that things may skew because certain moods are more likely to invoke a blog post than others.  Some have noted that I always seem to be on some sort of self-improvement quest, and I guess that's somewhat true.  But I also tend to post more when I get in that problem-solving/troubleshooting mode, and when I have time to really think things over.  And -- as Ana noted in her post -- your feedback is often really valuable in these scenarios.   

Thoughts?  Also, I wonder how blog-identities compare to other forms of social media - insta, snapchat, and the like?  Are some platforms more likely to show true colors, or is that just an illusion?  I don't think you can ever really know someone until you have interacted with them in real life, but at the same time I have met some true friends though the blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trunk Club Follow Up / VACATION

Wow and thank you for your feedback on my Trunk Club review post!  I especially enjoyed the debate over the patterned romper.  I sort of love that many of you think I could pull that off, but . . . it went back.  Josh literally burst out laughing when I came out in it (not a good sign) and I couldn't think of one scenario that actually exists in my life where I would wear it.  Despite living in Miami Beach, I don't make it 'out' much -- yes, restaurants, book club, shopping, barre class, kids' birthday parties -- but not OUT out.  I am pretty sure I missed the phase of my life where I might have worn that romper, as I was too busy writing blog posts and training for races.  And finishing medical training.

And I am okay with that.

So, the romper went back.  I kept:

- the white jeans (I do think I will get a lot of wear out of them, and I am encouraged by the idea that I can bleach them out if when the kids spill things on them)

- the wrap dress (I actually brought it on my trip, and when I found myself wanting to pack it, I felt that was a good sign!)

- the Splendid tee

I am happy with this haul :)  For me, the service is about finding a few key pieces each season without having to do the work of hunting for them.  I don't need much more for summer other than perhaps some shoes (mine are starting to fall apart) and maybe a couple of work pieces.

In other news -- we're on vacation!  Hence this mid-day post.  I'm on CA time so just hanging out in our inn waiting for breakfast and enjoying some coffee.  So excited to have 5 days to spend with Josh just resting, relaxing, and being a couple.

en route to wine country

Some highlight pix from before we left:

A's first ballet recital (blurry - had to zoom & crop out other kids!)


Bday :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trunk Club Review Round 3: Summer gear

1) I did not clean up for this photo shoot :) And I happened to take the pix in front of the 2 most cluttered, un-Kon-Mari'ed areas of the house.  Ha!  So excuse the clutter.

2) I figured out halfway through that the lighting was better on the other side of the room.  One day I will take outdoor pix.

3) Something seems to happen to photos when they go from phone (where detail is easier to see) to computer.  I think it may actually be happening after upload to blogger.  Reason #2832 I need to switch blog platforms!

4) I had a bit of credit to use this round (yay!) equating to 1-2 free pieces.  I did not expect this, and thank you!  If anyone else is moved to use my referral code, it's here.  I believe it will link you with my stylist, who is named Gianna.  She has been very responsive and overall I have been happy with her picks so far, though I'm not sure this box was quite as fruitful as the last.

Here we go!  I received 17 items - mostly clothes, but 3 pairs of shoes.  I had requested summer outfits, white jeans, neutral-colored platforms, and light/breezy tops for hot weather.  

Here we go!  

'Irina' lace contrast romper by cupcakes and cashmere
$105, XS
No.  This was really floppy and unflattering on, and Josh said it looked like pajamas.

'Croxley' cuffed denim shorts in Elemental by Husdson Jeans
$99, size 26
Scoop neck woven tank by Halogen
$39, XS
Hadley Wedge Sandal by Hinge
Super comfortable.  I am leaning towards keeping the shorts but Josh thinks the tiny frayed spot is a deal breaker (shown in next pic).  Opinions?
Love the tank
Shoes are okay but I don't love the cork sole

Another view showing the frayed detail that may or may not be objectionable

Print wrap jersey dress - Petite, by Maggy London
PXS, $98
Leaning toward yes because it's an easy work option, but the neckline is a hair lower than I would prefer

'Growover' Jersey T-shirt Dress by Caslon
XS, $58
Not flattering, way too body-con for me, and I don't like the hem

'Skyline' crop skinny jeans in optic white by Paige Denim
Size 26, $189
Undecided.  I want white skinnies but I am not sure I want to spend this much, especially now that it looks like flares and wide legs are everywhere!

Side view - I do like the clean lines of the fit

Shorts again from above
'Kava' Jacquard Knit Cotton tank by cupcakes and cashmere
XS, $95
I was very meh about this one, so definitely not worth $95
Neta leather wedge sandals by Hinge
I need more leg lengthening than these offer, so no :)  But I do like them.

Print pleat back sleeveless split neck blouse by NYDJ
XS, $78
Another one that did not bowl me over

Relaxed fit shirttail tee by Trouve
XS, $38
I have this in black from my last box and wear it constantly, but don't really love the look of the  gray as much.
Shoes are Dallis Sandals by Splendid, $148.95
Not comfortable enough - all shoes get compared to my fave brand Camper and rarely does anything ever win.

Embroidered bib sleeveless top by Pleione
XS, $49
Another 'meh' to me

'whisper' cotton crewneck tee by Madewell
XS, $29.50
Undecided though leaning towards yes

Cutout jacquard romper by Adelyn Rae
XS, $98
I might have worn this 10 years ago.  Now I am not sure I can pull it off, and I don't know where I would wear it!  Would consider this in a slightly longer short and maybe a solid color.

'Sunfaded' Ombre Stripe Tee by Splendid
XS, $88
Already wore this, so keeping :)
Yes, it's pricey for a tee but I just love everything about it.

So there you have it!!  Thoughts?  Opinions??  Has anyone else tried Trunk Club (and by any chance, if you have and did a review, link in the comments!  I'd love to see.)

This is my 3rd trunk and I will say 95% of the choices I have made from the last 2 boxes are frequent wears for me, so I am going to stay with the service - probably sticking with a box every 3 months.  Part of me would prefer to have a boutique / small store where they knew me well -- but this is just logistically easier right now.