Monday, July 28, 2014


I ended up buying a Fitbit Flex -- thank you for all of your helpful feedback in my previous post.  I am excited to see what my activity looks like, although the sleep tracking is just going to be sad.  I have always been a logger/tracker/recorder (of everything, not just fitness-related pursuits) so I think it will be a fun project.

I don't think I will get obsessed because honestly -- I don't have time to get obsessed.  And if it helps me take more walks and go to bed earlier, then GREAT.

Speaking of going to bed earlier . . . I once again am realizing that:

a) My time is truly finite
b) I absolutely do NOT have enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do.

SEGUE/dream segment: What would I like to do?

* train for a longer race again (this would require more time than the 30 minutes I take some days to work out)

* spend some time outside after work with A&C.  (In my dream segment, I repel all mosquitos and so do both kids.)

* READ in bed for 30+ minutes every night.  Maybe I could get through a book per month or something reasonable like that.

* deal with some home organization projects.  Including the blasted photos that I mentioned here maybe two months ago (maybe 15 minutes of this sort of thing each night?)

* catch up on new literature for work.  Ideally I'd have time for this sort of thing at work.  

* have one-on-one time with each child.  (I do often get some with A after C goes to bed, but it would be nice to have more.)

* enjoy a leisurely dinner (read: longer than 15 minutes) with Josh every night

* write a captivating post (ummm, more captivating than this one!) every morning

At least it's kind of nice to fantasize about fitting a few of these elements in someday when I am no longer pumping and C learns to sleep through the night.  (A few.  Not all.)

And with that . . . I'm going to bed.  Day 1 Fitbit review to come :)

Plus a few pix:

growing up too fast

MOD swimwear girl

G gave C a spiky look this morning and she sent me this pic.  I am obsessed. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

and now we are TEN

The first post in the archives is dated 7/27/04.  (An astute reader/superfan* pointed out that I actually started the day prior and something weird happened with the dating, but I'm going to go with 7/27 as that's the first date that shows up.)

SO.  TEN YEARS!  That's . . . a while. 

2008 blogging setup
(I can't show you 2004 because back then posting a picture
 was beyond my blogging capabilities)

I wasn't going to post today.  We've had a lovely weekend (lots of socializing / pool time / friends / family / eating / etc!) -- but I am continuing to struggle with fatigue and just feeling . . . off.  I know it's totally normal for C not to be sleeping through the night, but that doesn't make it easy.

However, I know that it's temporary.  And one of the wonderful things about having ten (TEN!) years of records available is that I do have a fairly good big-picture sense of just how fleeting these baby months are.  Pretty soon, they will fit into just a short stretch of the archives, and I know I will remember them fondly.  The smiles, the intoxicating baby smell, those soft cheeks, the exuberant giggles -- those intangibles will be with me forever, and the midnight feedings will just morph into a soft blur.

In July of 2004, I was a medical student.  I was single (though had a pretty awesome boyfriend . . . ), didn't know how to cook, and was terrible at anatomy.

Now . . . well, things are different.  Many things.  But some things are very much the same.  I'm still in love with the awesome boyfriend.  I still come here to write and reflect and process.  I still very much enjoy it!  ALSO, I'm still very grateful to all of you that come to read and comment.

So, thank you for making this hobby/project/journal a really fun and rewarding part of my life.  Another 10 years?

PS:  Just curious . . . who has been reading the longest?  (Other than immediate family members?)

* my dad

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

updates on several fronts

1.  Pump status:  Yes, still doing it.  Demand is exceeding supply by a few ounces most days.  The freezer stash still exists, though it is a mere shadow of its former self.  I actually bought some formula to have on hand, and I have to admit -- just having that convenient can o' powder around feels oddly liberating.  But for now it's all breastfeeding/pumped milk PLUS food (he's loving the baby oatmeal now!).  I'd love to make it to 6 months (August 20th) before supplementing with formula, but I realize (and accept) that it's completely arbitrary.

Right now I do 4 pumps/day: 3 at work (once on arrival, once at lunchtime, and once at 3 pm) and 1 at around 9 pm.  (i.e.: right now as I type this.)

2.  Workouts:  This week I've attempted to switch to nights -- and so far it's going well, though all I've done is a 3 mile treadmill run (Monday evening) and an online barre3 workout (tonight).  I still feel horribly out of shape, and rather sick of it.  Patience is not and has never been my forte.

3.  SleepLaura's post was timely for me, because lately I've been wondering how many hours I truly need to sleep.  I tend to get anywhere from 6.75 - 8 throughout the week, and after a couple of shorter nights I definitely crave an 8+-hour catchup.  However, I don't necessarily think I need 8 every night.

C still hasn't hit a consistent stride with his sleep yet, but I do think things are gradually improving.  Two night ago he woke up at midnight and 5:30 am to eat, and last night it was just 3:30 am and 6:30.

4.  Work:  Work is good.  Especially now that I am off of call (for the next 2 weeks, anyway!).  I actually like my job to the extent that I wish I had more time to devote to it -- but I don't.   This could be its own entire post, so I'll write more about it another day.

Other things to write about in another post . . .

* Current eating habits (mostly lame/things that need to improve)
* Fashion post on my Boden haul
* Planning our first real vacation since moving here (our trip to PHL was really fun but was only 2.5 days so I'm not counting it!)
* Breaking free from technology (sometimes)
* Updated D-I-T-L (day in the life . . .)

I also think I might record a vlog for the first time ever!

QUESTIONS for you . . .

a) If I did record a video entry, any questions you'd like me to address?

b) Anyone have a fitbit or Jawbone device (I know Ana and Laura do)?  Do you like it/use it?  Is it accurate?  Fun?  Annoying?  Obsession-provoking?  I kind of want it for the sleep tracker and to see exactly how hideously sedentary I am all day.