Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ALL IN: a weekend report

This weekend was awesome. 

We (we = me+kids) did something every morning -- Saturday we hit an indoor playground, Sunday a playdate outside, and Monday our favorite children's museum (Young At Art - we are members) -- this trip was with my dad, too.   In the afternoons, C took generous naps daily (1:30 - 4-ish) and A had 'quiet time' (and some screen time, which seemed reasonable to me).

I really did sort of relax into things and felt like I was there.  I am actually sad to go to work today, which says something, especially after a "Josh-call" weekend.

What worked:
* Working out in the mornings (runs on Saturday & Monday; I did a barre workout on Sunday while C napped and A played with stickers and copied me when she felt like it)

* AM anchor activity every day

* A night of babysitting (Saturday -- we went out to dinner with both sets of parents together)

* Social things.  Mostly with family this weekend -- dinner together on Saturday and Sunday nights, plus an afternoon swim on Sunday.  I am going to miss having my parents in town!  

* LEAVING THE HOUSE every day on the early side (typically out the door by 9:30 or so)

* Not even trying to get A to nap (lost cause, and she goes to bed better without one)

* Just sort of immersing myself into things and allowing myself to enjoy A&C.  This is sometimes hard to me but went really well this weekend for whatever reason.

A few scenes from the weekend:

at Young at Art

C's favorite: the water tables

time w/ Grandpa!

Ball pit joy

Very serious.  Also, wearing mommy's 3" heels and an unseasonal outfit.

Off to work.  Hopefully I can bring a similar attitude to my patients and consults this week, as I am on call.  (!)

Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's 3-day weekend time!  With both kids!  And Josh is on call!

And I'm actually pretty pumped.

I really liked Laura's post yesterday, in which she started by discussing ways to gracefully exit a conversation (her conclusion:  maybe you shouldn't) but then brought her idea to a broader scope:  the idea of just going with what is -- and going all the way -- even if it's not necessarily easy or what you may have imagined.

Time with young kids is one such activity she mentioned in this context, and that made me very grateful.  Because -- as I've written before -- I do not always find such times to be easy hours that race by, birds and butterflies alighting on my path as the sound of children's laughter fills the air.  While I do find them incredibly beautiful and compelling (and that laughter DOES sound pretty fantastic!), by the 5th or 6th hour of solo childcare I often find myself looking at the clock.  Or my fitbit watch.


This weekend, though, my goal is to go all in.  To prepare and have plans (lots of anchor events ahead! Ahoy!) but not rush or count minutes.  To try to truly immerse myself in kid-centric activities and my children themselves, connecting with others as the opportunities arise.  I am also going all in for self-care, which to me means getting in workouts (about to run now) and taking the time to prepare so that we can all eat well.

Today's basic blueprint:
Run (treadmill -- magazine)
Kids up by 7 I'm sure
Play & basic home maintenance
Prep snacks & meals for later
Planet Kids (big indoor playground)
C's nap / A's quiet time (craft project or puzzle w/ her?)
Pool or playground
Dinner out w/ family (babysitter @ 6:30 pm)

Ready to immerse myself into all of it!  Happy weekend . . .

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I just went back and looked at the posts I wrote on my 25th birthday, and my 30th.  All I can say is: I'm sorry I'm so cheesy so much of the time!  Especially on birthdays.  Also, I'm glad I finally grew up and decided to use capital letters.

I guess there's just something about the years going by that triggers a rush of sentimentality and gratitude.  Usually delivered in some kind of list format.

So uh . . . why mess with tradition?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) I feel old.  Well, a little old.  But at the same time, I don't find this nearly as scary or negative as it might have seemed from my 20s.

2) I still lack any sort of skincare routine.  Maybe I should get on that.

3) I believe have grown up more in the past 5 years than . . .well, ever.  Thank you, A&C.  I love you both so much.  You two are the most amazing gift.

my 2 gifts playing together this evening

4) Josh, you are also amazing.  Hoping we will get to celebrate at least 65 more birthdays together.  (Statistically unlikely, but . . . you never know!)

Taken on our weekend away in Islamorada last Saturday.  
It was seriously a perfect getaway.

5) I don't think I've ever had a birthday before where I don't actually want anything, really.  I mean, I wouldn't say no to some shopping eventually, but I have nothing that I'm actively coveting of the material sort.  Chalk this up to a mixture of (sorta) minimalism and preoccupation with other things (see #3).

6) As a Big Birthday, #35 definitely sent me on a tailspin of thinking about goals and aspirations and just generally what I want out of life.  Laura's book (she graciously sent a preview copy!) came at a great time.  (Will post a full review later, I promise.)