Friday, September 19, 2014

morning musings

1) Life with 2 is finally (finally) starting to feel completely normal.  I am incredibly thankful that Annabel has fallen into her big sister role without any real drama.  He loves her and she loves him; she certainly has her moments where she asserts her 'seniority' and asks for attention, but the experience of them both together is heart-meltingly positive.

2) Great habits post from yesterday's Happiness Project.  I loved the idea of embracing some automatic habits while being careful to make things that are special/treats not be autopilot behaviors.

Things I do automatically that I like:
* AM runs many days
* Weekly planning rituals / bill paying
* AM coffee
* My commute
* Getting notes done immediately and as efficiently as possible at work
* Bedtime routine with A&C

Things I would like to do less automatically:
* Playtime with A&C -- it would probably be fun to come up with some more activities and mix things up.  We could take a walk or go outside after work sometimes yet we typically just spend the time lolling about in the house.  (Still enjoyable though!)
* Enjoying treats (wine, chocolate, etc)
* Picking up my phone at random moments.  I passionately hate that everyone reads their phone in elevators.  Including me.  If there is one thing I want to stop doing, it is that.

Things I don't do automatically that I wish I did:
* Journaling and reading before bed
* Putting my phone away/out of reach at certain times
* Strength training workouts

3) I couldn't stop myself and ordered a 2015 Hobonichi Techo Cousin for next year!  I had the spring edition in 2014 so it's slightly wasteful (3 months early!) BUT I couldn't stand being out of sync with the rest of the world that got to start planners in January.  I am hereby promising to stick to the traditional calendar year from here on out.  (Probably.)  I also discovered this hobonichi tumblr blog -- fellow planner geeks, enjoy!

4) I had two slightly better runs this week.  Both short, but my legs felt less dead and my paces weren't quite as slow.  Hoping for continued improvement!  Maybe things will be easier as temps drop a little, too -- I realized that my version of temperate is now totally skewed when yesterday's morning run actually felt nice and cool.

"Feels like 81"at 6:07 am.  Hello Miami fall!

5) There are some family things I don't feel comfortable writing about publicly, so I won't.  But I was reminded this week about how quickly time passes.  Every day really is precious.   I am determined to appreciate life today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I Ate Tuesday (Paleo Edition)

Okay, I promise this will not turn into a paleo blog!  OR a food blog, or an "HLB", whatever that means anymore.  But I had requests for this post, so here it goes:  pictures snapped of yesterday's meals.

For reference, I did not run yesterday.  I am still doing partial breastfeeding (2 feedings/day and one pump midday).  I only took like 6,000 steps :) , which I know because I finally set up the replacement fitbit that was sent.

BREAKFAST7:00 am - eggs scrambled in butter, apple with cinnamon, spoonful of sun butter

SNACK: 10 am - unpictured handful of cashews

LUNCH: 12:30 pm - leftover salmon, sweet potatoes, and green beans

SNACK: 4 pm - LARABAR and some bone ages.

DINNER:  8 pm - Indian-spiced turkey burger (from Practical Paleo, though link to the simple recipe can be found in this blog post.  NO cilantro was used in this case though since I am a hater), salad with olive-oil based vinaigrette + pine nuts, few leftover sweet potato chunks.  Oh, and a half-glass of white wine which is probably not officially paleo but I've decided that it is for me.

SNACK: 9 pm - before-bed treat:


I'll try to do this every couple of weeks while I continue to adjust to the new eating style.  There is nothing 'perfect' about it, and paleo die-hards would probably shudder at my "processed" LARABAR and white wine.  However, this style is a) mostly recognizable whole foods b) reasonably convenient c) tasty and most importantly d) seeming to work for me right now better than a conventionally healthy diet that contained wheat/dairy/etc and was likely higher in carbohydrates.

Except for the running slower thing.  Going now and really hoping for some muscle adaptation . . .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

paleo post (16 days in)

Several of you have emailed or commented to ask questions about my transition to eating paleo* over the past couple of weeks.  I definitely am still very new at eating this way -- so I have experiences to share but little wisdom to impart.

FIRST, I have to say that I have complicated feelings about the whole paleo/primal 'movement'.  I could write an entire post on this (and perhaps I will), but I do find that there is a lot of scary pseudoscience out there, and a good number of companies who are clearly looking to capitalize on what seems like the newest food trend to catch on.  That said, I do think that the CW ("conventional wisdom") is flawed, and that the fear of fat (and hearty embrace of alllllll the carbohydrates) has led to a lot of problems in a lot of people.

I decided to try paleo for 3 reasons:

a) I was feeling frustrated about feeling hungry nearly ALL the time.  Seriously, I would eat every 2-3 hours and still feel shaky between meals/snacks.

b) I was not losing the last few pounds of baby weight, and it was annoying me.

c) I was intrigued by others' tales of more energy/feeling better/etc, and honestly the food looked very unprocessed and just . . . good to me.

16 days in, and here is a summary of my experiences so far:

the positives

a) I DO feel better.  I do not get that crashy/shaky/must-eat-now feeling all the time anymore.  I actually find my energy levels are more steady and reliable.  This puts me in a better mood, and is great.

b) I definitely lost some weight.  Today I wore shorts that haven't fit since before I was pregnant -- yay!   I don't want to lose much more, but I'm guessing things will stabilize soon.  This has also improved my mood.  Vain perhaps, but it's the truth.  I'll own it :)

c) I genuinely like the food, and really haven't had any cravings for non-paleo foods*.

the negatives

a) $$$$.  My GOD it is pricey to eat this way.  Our last grocery bill was astounding.  Not in a good way.

b) Sustainability.  While we buy meat that is of high quality/grass-fed/organic, I know that environmentally eating this way is not as kind to the earth as, say, a vegan diet.

c) It definitely requires more prep work/planning.

d) I am running significantly slower.  I'm guessing this is because my body needs some time to get used to a lower-carbohydrate fuel source, but I've been surprised about just how much I was impacted, and how quickly.  Today's not-that-long run was at least a minute-per-mile slower than I was running before.

So, the verdict?  Am I going to continue this?

YES.  Honestly, I actually really really love it.  I feel better, I enjoy the food, and I am happy.  I am hoping that my running will improve, or else I'll work on figuring out some dietary work-arounds (sweet potatoes for carb loading?).

There is no way that I am gong to commit to never eating pizza (or key lime pie, or scones, ice cream, or brie) again.  However, I do think that I will save these things for special occasions -- and probably enjoy them more as a result.

* By paleo, just to clarify, I am eating meat / fish / vegetables / fruits / nuts / seeds / oils.  I also still drink wine and eat dark chocolate (1-2 squares/day), because -- well, because there's no way those were going anywhere.  I have not eaten grains, dairy, or legumes since starting, but I have compromised on things like canola oil or salad dressings/questionable sauces (? Thai curry) in restaurants at times.

To come in a future post:
Meal ideas, a "what I ate" day, etc.

For those of you who do eat this way (or have tried it), any new ideas/advice/comments are welcome!  I am definitely very new at this but plan on sticking with the lifestyle.

next step: CrossFit
(no NOT really!)