Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chicago weekend: in list format

1) I had an amazing weekend in Chicago with my 5 best college friends, including my freshman roommate.  I hadn't seem most of them in years (since before A&C!), but it is amazing how true friendships just seem to transcend time and space.  It's also amazing how such an experience can bring you fascinating perspectives on relationships and life.  One notable insight is that basically no one changes very much.  However, I think that all of us are more confident (and . . . likely happier?!) than we were in our late teens and 20s.

2) In addition to catching up and partaking in Chicago tourism, I went shopping.  I tried to keep Kon-Marie in mind, but I will admit that several joy-sparking items from Sephora flew back to MIA with me, plus a pair of high waisted jeans and a flowy top from Madewell.  This was the first brick and mortar shopping I have done this YEAR (yes!) and . . . it was really really fun.  As 'minimal' as I claim to be (or want to be), I am never going to be a true ascetic.

3) We ate awesome food.  I didn't stick to paleo, though I didn't specifically eat bread or anything like that.  I did eat gelato and lots of delicious food at avec and frontera grill.  We also found wine bars that did flights both nights.  I am definitely back into healthy mode now, but I have zero regrets.  (And this is exactly how I like to "do" paleo.)

4) I missed A&C.  Their smells, their physical beings.  Then last night A had an epic bedtime tantrum and I remembered why it's good to have a break from time to time.

5) I missed Josh, too.  Although I will say there were some rather candid, uncensored discussions that probably wouldn't have happened had our significant others all been there.  And I do think there is value in such 'girl talk.'

6) The whole trip, I was awash with feelings of gratitude:  for my friends, for Josh, for the kids, for my family, for the opportunity to take such a fun weekend off.  I'm still basking in it today (even on call).
Back later this week with review of June goals and some new ones for July!

Eataly.  (Where gelato happened!  Tiramisu + Pistachio flavors.  OMG.)

Trying on sunglasses @ Neiman Marcus Last Call
(didn't buy them)

WINE FLIGHTS both nights.  Best pre-dinner routine ever.

7 mi around the lake on Sunday morning.  Beautiful.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like mother . . .

yes, her Field Notes is upside down.  I still loooove that she wanted it in her bed.
pen = 3-color uni jet stream with pink body.  just like mommy's . . .

I can just imagine how much fun it will be to shop for school supplies together.

On a related note, I was just thinking about how much I miss physical books.  Especially books that I want to underline/highlight/take notes in.  I have been reading electronic books for the past year or so, and I do love it for novels, especially juicy light ones that don't require much concentration.  I greatly appreciate the portability and lack of clutter.  But for more deep reading, I am really missing the ability to turn physical pages and write on them.

I can't tell if it's just a generational thing (after all, I grew up learning from actual books, not media) or a mental processing thing.  Perhaps a mix of both.  

In medical school, our lectures were all powerpoint and generally studying was done that way BUT Josh and I took copious notes in pen on the printed out paper slides, and THEN we would make "meta-notes" -- basically a notebook of notes on our notes -- before the tests.  This method worked for both of us, even though we have different strengths and learning styles.

I wonder if the kids today can process things as deeply while paperless?  I guess time will tell.

(I will never, never, never give up my paper!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whole30 fail and weight discussion

If you may remember, I decided to take on the Whole30 this month.

Then I cheated a little bit.

And then a little more.

And by last week, I just gave up.  While I stand by my Upholder tendencies, I just had trouble.  Reasons include:

1) Wine

2) Motivation.  I started feeling better after a few days and lost my motivation to really press on.

3) I knew I had a weekend away on the calendar (this weekend!) and rationalized that since the month would not be 'perfect' then there was really no point*

4) I couldn't really rationalize the need to be so strict with myself.

I'm going to keep my actual numerical weight off of the internet (in part because it sounds lower than it really is because I am 5'1", or actually 5'0.75", which was a terrible discovery to make at age 35).  But let's discuss, using X.

X = weight that is 'normal' me.  Interestingly, this was 'normal' me in high school, at my wedding, and now.  Body composition has changed FOR SURE, but X is pretty much exactly the same.

X-3 lb = has happened during a few periods of my life -- some natural (breastfeeding -- the first time) and some less so (lots and lots of miles; certain times of residency; some times in college).   I can fit into size 0 dresses at this weight (that I have since given away) but I do not think it is natural for me in most circumstances.  Of note, this is where I initially was (due to running/residency lifestyle) during my long period of infertility before Annabel.

X+3 lb = rare but typically induced by stress and/or long periods of indulgence (winter?  vacation?  whatever).  Typically once I hit this point I a) am actually less hungry (I think my body tries to self-regulate) and b) I swing into full 'intervention' mode once I have realized/accepted it has happened.

What amazes me about this is -- IT'S SUCH A TINY RANGE!  Given that it is so small, it is probably not surprising that all 3 are in the healthy BMI range.  And yet they feel so different.  It has taken me years to accept that "X" is better for me than "X-3" -- although the fertility struggles did help put me in my place. 

ANYWAY.  All that said, I couldn't cut wine and chocolate out of my life for a month.  If I did, I'd probably settle around X-3 temporarily -- but what would be the point?  I'm not going to give up wine and chocolate forever.  Or sweet potato fries.  I settled into paleo because it doesn't feel like deprivation to me.  I actually really don't miss bread/pasta/cheese (and I find that I feel better off of these things).  But I could never say the same thing about wine/dark chocolate/etc.

I cannot promise I will not try Whole30 again -- there probably will be times in my life when a 'clean slate' is a good idea, and I think the Whole30 is a good healthy template for that.  But for now I am going back to (my) normal.

* faulty reasoning, I know.  But it was a thought pattern nonetheless.

Weekend pix



mr c devouring cuban food