Thursday, December 18, 2014

things I am legitimately excited about

1) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Okay, admittedly I just had to do a counterpoint to Laura's post :)  Seriously, though, I read the book a couple of weeks ago and did find that the ideas resonated with me.  It's not that I aim for a home-furnishings-catalog aesthetic; in fact, a perfect home with beautiful decor has never been something that interested me all that much (though I do think ours has a lovely old-world Miami charm).  It's the sentiment of eliminating all that does not spark joy.

We -- like most people -- simply have too much #($*&@# lying around.  Clothes we don't wear, things we don't use, 'mementos' that are just there by default because someone couldn't help passing them on.  (Before you think we are hoarders, I'd say that objectively our level of possessions is well below average for a family our age/size.)  For me, being surrounded by these things is a drain on my joy.  There's more to clean up, it's hard to find things or dig them out of the closet when they are needed, and I just generally feel awashed in negativity when I have to dig through a cluttered desk drawer to find the scotch tape.

As OMDG pointed out, "there's medication for that" :)  So perhaps she's right -- this book resonated with me because of my personality type.  But as I've gotten older I've become accepting of my own needs and preferences, so yeah.  This book was written for me.  I'll own it!

This weekend we (yes, we -- Josh is on board too and actually he is the one that bought the book!) have a day sans kids and we plan on tackling the first section -- clothes.  I am so excited to go through the jumble of clothes we have and eliminate all non-joy-sparking items.  I promise I will report back!  Oh, and as the book was NOT written with Americans or families with children (especially young children!) in mind -- of course, we will do some of our own modifications.  But I still think the general tenet holds true.

2) Setting up 2015 calendars.  IE:  the big family wall calendar (which I have yet to create -- I do a photo one for the family each year!) and my 2015 Hobonichi.  I'm especially excited because this is the first year in a long time that I've had legit vacation days to use.  As in -- I have a decent number of them and no maternity leave to take them all away from me!  I spent some time the other evening trying to figure out how many weekends Josh and I have off together where neither of us are traveling for work (something like 21/52 = 40%).

I am planning on taking off a few random days here and there, something I was never able to do before.  For example, the day after the Miami half marathon, I plan on treating myself to a me-day of hanging out at home and perhaps getting a massage.  In March, I am taking a day off to go to Annabel's school and do a little presentation on being a doctor for kids (don't worry, I won't bring my prader beads) -- and also to get some time for myself as well.  Josh and I are taking our birthdays off together, a tradition I'd like to continue until we are retired  (you know, like when we are 80).

3) Miami half marathon.  Honestly, my training is not going all that well.  But the running bug has hit and I'm oddly looking forward to being done with this race so that I can start again training for another one!  I really want to get some speed back and I'm actually toying with buying a customized training plan or trying a coach (the recent episode of Another Mother Runner made it sound pretty enticing).  Does anyone have experience with an online coach they would recommend?

In other news:

C is pulling to stand.  And crawling all over the place.  He's almost 10 months, so right on schedule -- not early or late.  A walked right at a year, so maybe he'll follow in her footsteps.  The 2 have been very similar babies in many ways so it would not surprise me!

Monday, December 15, 2014

time poor

I have so much:  2 beautiful thriving children, a job I enjoy (and that I feel is meaningful), a happy marriage, a charming house in a lovely neighborhood.  I don't even have to endure winter!  I am healthy, and so are those in my immediate family.

I pay a lot of attention to how I use the various resources in my life:  expenses, time, energy.  I have recently come to the conclusion that despite efforts to maximize efficiency and use the errant bits wisely I really just don't have much free time right now.

A crawling with C at the playground

This is 100% a result of choices that I have made.  Choices that I feel are the right ones.  But it still feels hard sometimes.  I think about the blog posts that I would like to sit down and write (so many of them swirling in my head!), and the books I'd like to read.  I'd love to eat a meal that wasn't rushed.  And I crave some blank space to just reflect -- but it's just not there right now.

taken by a helpful stranger 
(Josh was at work all weekend)

The holiday season is not helping.  So many gifts to give, mementos to make (cards! calendars! photo albums!), all of which do spark little bits of joy and are therefore worth doing.  But those things take time.  And right now, there just isn't much.

I know -- "it's a season."  Annabel and Cameron will someday sleep until noon on weekends and I'll yearn for the uncomplicated baby days, C's soft head and A's amazing ringlets.  Right now, though, I will keep searching for some space.

PS:  I did have a lovely weekend with A&C in spite of the above.  I just would have loved a little slice of the weekend for me.  I attempted to make this happen by hiring a babysitter, but she cancelled at the last minute.  This happens a lot, unfortunately.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

goings on

1) C is sick again.  For the past 3 days he's been running fevers of untoward proportions with no other discernible symptoms.  (other than extreme pitifulness during the fevers themselves.)  While I am certified in general pediatrics, I utterly fail at doctoring my own children -- for me, emotion completely gets in the way of logic.

Anyway, I had G (our nanny) bring him in and our smart pediatrician reminded me of that childhood classic, roseola.  I'm pretty sure she nailed the diagnosis and I'll be waiting for the famous rash to pop up today.

And the fevers to go away.

that sad sad little face

2) There is a 10 foot non-native snake (which has been referred to as a python and an anaconda and I'm not sure if it's both or either but I refuse to google those words) LOOSE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  And when I say "our neighborhood", I mean that the thing has been sighted a block from our house, sunning itself by the lake.   We've made the news, for anyone doubting this ridiculousness.  AGH!

there goes the neighborhood

A&C are on house arrest until this is resolved.  (Okay, not really, but I refuse to take them both out to our nearby playground unless they can each have their own caregiver following them around because yeah.)

3) Josh turned 40!  We had a lovely party with family and friends at the house to celebrate on Saturday night, illnesses and snakes be damned.  Time is flying, everyone.  He says he feels 25.  I am 34, and I feel about 25 too, so that sounds believable.

4) My running is going -- meh.  Over the weekend, due to illnesses/snakes/partying, I got exactly 0 miles in.  

Total workouts last week:

M - 9.09 mi, 9:44/mi pace (outside, it was quite warm)

T - barre workout (30 min barre3)

W - 4 mi with 2 @ tempo (~8:20/mi for tempo segment), total 8:57/mi

R - rest

F - 4 mi easy pace but with hill repeats on treadmill (5 x 3% x 2 min)

S & S - nada

I don't think I'm going to set any speed records on the half marathon coming up in January, but I am excited to get back into the game.  I'm thinking that I will train for a 5K (i.e., focus on speed) in the spring.

5) Laura's post in which she talks about going to a late night choral concert in NYC yesterday was rather inspiring.  I probably could use a little more "do it anyway!" in my life, too.

Coming up later this week:
Hobonichi weekly planning post
Decluttering (my new favorite activity)

Bonus pix:

Josh took A to fly a kite!  Highly recommend as a toddler activity - she loved it.

All FROZEN all the time . . .

The magic of ibuprofen!