Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend, unplugged

I've been off of Facebook for a week*.  I also spent under 40 minutes total on my phone this weekend (17 minutes Saturday and 18 minutes on Sunday) -- and most of those minutes were doing things like entering transactions into YNAB, putting on podcasts, or starting up Google maps.  

YOU GUYS.  It has been wonderful.  I am horrified at how many moments I was spending staring into that little screen, nauseated by the "need" to do a quick Instagram or email check as the very first action of my day.  It meant that I "shared' fewer photos (and took fewer, too).  But I was more focused, centered, and actually present.  For Josh, for A&C, for myself.  

So what did I do instead?  Not that much in terms of tangible "to do"-type items.  We were together with both kids, after all, and preventing Cameron from injury is still a (more than) full time job.  But I just felt more fully there.  My brain wasn't flitting from playtime to Instagram and back again.  I feel like I connected better with Josh and with the kids.  

Somewhat ironically, the weekend's highlight did involve a screen -- I took Annabel to her very first movie, to see Inside Out.  It sort of went over her head, but she still really enjoyed watching it and got the basic premise.  She told me "the girl has 3 thoughts in her head!  Happy, Joy, and Disgust."  Close enough.

I am hoping to sustain this digital detox long term and I am hoping that perhaps new swathes of time will emerge, or more creativity.  Or something.  But even if not, just feeling more present and less disjointed is worth it.  Must remember especially in times of stress for when the siren songs of apps call . . .

* I temporarily deactivated my account.  This is not permanent, nor do I plan on making it permanent, but I also think long FB "vacations" are going to become a regular thing.  

Post-movie coffee/hot chocolate
(Yes, it was cool and rainy.  In Miami Beach in July.  Go figure!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5 things I am loving now: Summer '15

1.  This CC cream by Peter Thomas Roth.  I never put anything on my face (not foundation, not moisturizer, not SPF) until now, and I love this stuff.  It's hideously overpriced BUT currently on sale at Sephora for $19/tube which should last a good while.  It evens out the skin tone, feels good going on, provides SPF 30, and doesn't irritate.  Basically perfect.

2.  Anthropologie.  I know, too obvious.  But I went through a long hiatus of NOT shopping (in part because I was waiting for my body to return to "normal" after babies, whatever that is).  But recently I realized that I'm wayyyy past any postpartum phase and what I am now probably IS normal.  Anyway, I am BACK, BABY when it comes to shopping.  And I am rekindling my love for good ol' Anthro.

I got this dress (below) and a pair of cool kind of fadey railroad stripe skinny jeans (hesitant to post the link because I think they are cuter than they look here!).  I am also working on building a wishlist because really Anthro items should be purchased ON SALE, especially when you live in Miami and we essentially have one season here.  Nearly everything there hits the sale rack eventually . . .

(Note: I need to Kon-Mari my closet again.  But that can be a post for another day :) )

3.  On that note, I am very late to the bandwagon on this -- so late that she's on a blogging hiatus. But I love un-fancy.  I do wish there was a dedicated 'work clothes' version of her blog for those of us who cannot rock our madewell cutoffs in the office (suggestions welcome!), but she is my inspiration for weekend wear.

4.  Reading books on paper.  I went through a phase of getting everything in Kindle edition and reading it on my iPad mini . . . but for me there is just something about paper  I ordered the paper version of Simplicity Parenting (since I thought I might want to underline/highlight/etc) and am just finding the whole experience of reading more relaxing.  I'm sure part of it is just a matter of conditioning, and I'm not writing off digital books altogether - juicy fiction is great on a kindle.  But for nonfiction and material that requires more thought, I'm back to paper.  For now.

5.  Having an "allowance."  We've been using YNAB for 8 months now.  Josh and I each get a (reasonable) allotment of fun-money each month to use on things like -- well, items #1, 2, and 4 on this list.  Somewhat paradoxically, it feels so freeing and makes shopping much more fun.  I don't think I spend significantly more or less than I did before having a designated fund -- but it's in a much more healthy, pleasing way.  I even get more enjoyment out of my allowance because of the value of anticipating how I might spend it.  

Anything you're loving this summer?

Monday, July 20, 2015


Ahhhhhh.  We had a great family weekend.  And I almost just wrote that I didn't want it to end, but actually -- it was perfect just as it was.  Maybe one more day would have been nice.  

I really relish the juxtaposition between work and home lately.  Home is so active, rowdy, and non-stop.  Now that A doesn't nap, things really do just kind of MOVE all day.  On Sunday, I didn't run but still logged over 12,000 steps.  I look back and the memories are so sweet.  But I'm also happy to be sitting in my chair right now (post-lunch and waiting for the first patient to be roomed!).

Anyway.  Because I like to bask in the memories of a successful and happy weekend AND because I am a voyeur who loves to read what others do with their time, here's the rundown:

Kids up @ ~6:30. 
I ran at around 8.  It was HOT!  4.79 miles and I was toast.  (I am glad I am not training for any long races now - remind me never to sign up for a fall marathon.)
At around 10, we packed up and headed out to Young at Art -- we have a membership which has already paid for itself severalfold.   It's a 35 minute drive, and both kids fell asleep for a little while, which ended up working out just fine. 
We hit Ally's Comfort Cafe Too for lunch, and then headed back to YAA until 2:30 or so.  
Then home -- where Cameron napped until 5:30 (!).  I think Josh worked 4-6.
Dinner at home (okay fine, some of it was takeout and the rest of it was leftovers), then out to the playground until 8.
Both kids in bed at around 8:30 - a record late night for Mr. C!

I got up at 6:30 thinking that perhaps I would do a barre workout, but kids were up @ ~6:30.  
Josh went to work for a few hours, and we headed to playdate #1 at the JCC for swim/playground.
This was followed by impromptu brunch at Roasters & Toasters, where the playdate continued for kids + adults,   
We got home, C passed out, and we had more friends (also with kids A&C's ages!) come over for playdate #2.
At 6 we had a babysitter come, and Josh and I headed out to see Trainwreck (not perfect, but pretty @*#!$ entertaining)
Exhausted from all of the playing, our babysitter texted us that A put herself to bed before 7 -- even too tired to WATCH FROZEN.  (Aaaaaand our lucky babysitter who got to enjoy a long peaceful evening at $$$/hr.  I have literally NEVER seen Annabel do that before).
We finished up with dinner at Hua Hua's Taqueria

- a lot of playing, laughing, hugging w/ the kids
- many restaurant meals (although nowhere extravagant)
- date night
- a run

We haven't made out 2016 work schedules yet but I am THISCLOSE to committing to putting our call weekends simultaneous (with childcare).  Because I absolutely LOVE these weekends when are all together and having 34 of them next year (rather than 23) sounds like a dream.

On another note:  A's behavior was better.  I'm wondering if part of her funk was just having a cold?  I'm reading Simplicity Parenting right now anyway and loving it so far.

C in his element

A post-brunch date