Friday, September 30, 2016

treats // tricks


1) The Goose Island Oktoberfest I just drank.  I love the idea of pumpkin beer, but they always start to taste too syrupy about halfway through.  Not this Oktoberfest.  Per the label:  "Pleasant hints of dried apricot and toffee aroma."  It has a slightly spicy fall-ish flavor, but is not cloying at all.  Recommend :)

2) Movie night.  Love this Friday treat for the kids (comes w/ built-in break for me!).  They are watching DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year for the 99th time.

3) Shopkins.  Okay not for me but for Annabel.  She is obsessed.  Not obsessed enough to actually, say, go to bed on time (which is what she is supposed to do to 'earn' them).  But almost.  Maybe tonight!  I can dream . . .

4) Headspace.  I finished the free 10 sessions and was impressed enough to sign up.  It really does feel like a treat to sit for 10 minutes each morning.

5) 3 day weekend!!  We're off Monday for Rosh Hashanah -- woohoo!  Last year I didn't take off and regretted it because there is a lot of family celebration that I missed out on.



1) I am so over this weather.  UGH.  I know that in December it will be really nice and I will be thrilled not to have to deal with -- well -- winter.  But October in South Florida is just . . . well, see for yourself.  BLAHH.

2) I can't really think of anything else.  Other than the aforementioned fact that Annabel has decided that she is done with going to bed before 9.  I am really hoping it is a phase . . . (accompanying details in case anyone is wondering: she is almost 4-and-1/2, no naps since age 3, and she wakes up between 6:30 and 7 most days).

Happy weekend!  I hope the weather is less humid+stormy where you are.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

10,000-foot view of My System

I was sitting at a meeting yesterday and one of my colleagues (a few years older than me, but not many) was aghast at my paper planner.  She had everything on her iPhone 7, she said, and just couldn't imagine why anyone would use paper in this day and age.

And to each their own!  I am happy she is happy with the phone.  But I absolutely believe that paper can still be a fantastic mechanism of keeping everything straight, in one place.  My planner offers fewer distractions, never runs out of batteries, and (for me) is incredibly enjoyable to use.

I have been promising GTD/planning post for a while, and I know the delivery has been slow.  But I do want to take the time to share the nuances of my system which has been working for me so well this year.  I don't know if anyone ever finds PPP (Permanent Planner Peace, obvs :) ) but I'm definitely in a good place.

PLEASE do not confuse the fact that I have a working system with the idea that I am getting everything that I would like to do done every day.  That is just unrealistic.  The slow delivery of these posts alone should illustrate that fact!  Because the truth is, you can't do (or have) it all.  But I do feel like for the most part I make the most of the time I have, especially the productive time (you all know I still have negative feelings about the way I tend to use chunks of free time, but I'm working on it!).

This morning I created a page that basically sums up my system:

My Planning / Bullet Journal-esque / Getting Things Done-inspired System
(in a nutshell):

That's pretty much it!  From monthly planning to weekly to daily to in the moment.  Using this framework, I feel like

a) I know what is going on at all times (what I am doing, what is coming up, and what I'm not doing)
b) I can therefore focus on what it is I have planned to do that day
c) I can easily capture new things that come along without feeling overwhelmed by them

In upcoming posts, I can drill down on each level of planning.  (Of note, I would also like to eventually add a Quarterly & Yearly level for really long-range scheming and dreaming -- hoping to work that into my schedule this year).  But I also want to know what you'd like me to expand.  I tend do get positive feedback on organizing/planning type posts, and I love these topics and sharing my experiences.  I'm curious -- what other questions do you have for me about planning / GTD?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Notes on a Monday

Hello and happy Monday!  I am back at work after a kid-heavy weekend -- Josh was working, and I was off, which does not happen very often these days*.  We actually had a great weekend, but I was DONE by last night at around 6 pm

Home kid-life is however falling into a really nice rhythm lately.  Morning workouts (stuck to my early schedule both days), active kid time in AM, still a solid nap for C in the afternoon, and then time hanging out at home in the later afternoon/evening.  We live in an active Zika zone ("home-grown" cases literally in our neighborhood) but I just couldn't keep them indoors.  We put on some DEET and got out.  Interestingly I am the only one who got bitten (mosquito magnet here.  AGH).  ​
Some updates . . .

Running -
Half marathon pre-training is in full swing.  I hit 20 miles last week for the first time in a while, including my first interval run in a long time.  I am still running really slowly (my normal everyday run pace used to be around 9:00/mi and now it's been hovering around 10:00/mi) and hoping that my speed picks up as I get used to 5+ mile runs. 

Monday - 5 miles 10:13/mi ave, 79F

Tuesday - Barre3 30 min weekly workout (this killed me, was super sore)

Weds - Interval run, total 4.6 mi, 800m x 4 at 8:08 - 8:22/mi, recovery between each, a cool 75F!

Thurs - REST

Friday - Long run on the treadmill (lightning outside :( ).  6.6 miles in 70 minutes while listening to Another Mother Runner podcast.  NOTE - I am so impressed at how accurate my Garmin is for indoor splits just by arm cadence/acceleration alone!

Saturday - Barre3 30 min weekly workout.  Annabel woke up and did the end w/ me.

Sunday - 4 mi on treadmill (Josh was sleeping after working late and I wanted to be there in case kids woke up).  9:57/mi


Playdates.  So, playdates rule.  Annabel had a friend over on Sunday.  They totally entertained themselves coloring, playing dressup, and making a magnatile castle.  In the time that she was here, I sorted all the mail, planned for the upcoming week, cleaned up, did laundry, and made muffins.  Basically the other 4 year old was like a free babysitter :)  (Of course I was supervising.  But they were so good I didn't have to do anything!  On that note I am grateful for a very open plan not-so-huge house so I can basically oversee everything from anywhere).

Muffins.  As mentioned -- I baked again :)  I made another Run Fast Eat Slow recipe, the banana spelt muffins!  They were awesome.

Fall.  So no, it doesn't feel like fall here.  (And it won't until November).  But I am soooo in a cozy mood.  I just want to hunker down, light candles, and eat pumpkin everything.  Maybe it's the longer nights!?

GTD.  My GTD system is still going strong.  I feel like I have found planner peace!  And I have stuck to the weekly review pretty religiously these days.  I know I owe you all some posts about my current methods (I was reminded of this specific fact during my weekly review, in fact).  I will do an update this week.  

Reading.  OMG I just bought the next book for the book club that I'm in -- Here I Am (Jonathan Safran Foer) and it's HUGE!  I am determined to finish it in time, so I will try to take advantage of my current cozy leanings and get into it.  

Debates tonight.  I almost can't watch, politics are stressing me out too much.  But I guess I will try.  

* He has ~13 call weekends a year and I have ~11, so there are really only 2 where he is working and I'm not ever since we synced up our call schedules!