Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hobonichi unboxing day: the 2018 planner haul post!

I thought long and (too) hard about which planner to use for next year.  I've been using a Hobonichi Cousin planner for 4 years now (started in March 2014, then switched to January editions for 2015, 2016, and 2017) and was starting to have some wanderlust.

I considered:

Day Designer

Golden Coil (brand new customizable option - and I do have one on order, but I think I'll use it as a fancy notebook instead!)

Erin Condren (what I used before discovering Hobonichi)

Inkwell Press - love the graphics

Going full-on Bullet Journal (probably in a Nuuna notebook)


But the truth is, the Hobonichi has everything I want.  And more!  And the aesthetics of the pages please me so, so much - more than some of the more froufrou options above, even if they are pretty.  I love the covers, love their online shop, love the toys and accessories, and just generally love the layout and contents of their planners.

I feel like the Hobonichi takes all of the flexibility of a Bullet Journal but doesn't leave me having to spend hours draw a bunch of straight lines.

So I ordered :)


I did make one change: after years of using the much bigger Cousin, I downsized to a Techo, and even went with the Avec (2 volumes, one Jan-Jun and the other Jul-Dec)!  My reasoning:

1) I really almost never fill the pages of the Cousin.  My current layout has nutrition tracking on the bottom left which I am rather tired of doing.  The bottom right often is empty or just feels like filler.  I don't really have anything else I need/want to track!  I'd rather have full pages; it's just more satisfying!

2) I want more portability

3) The Techo Avec can be used with a Weekly Insert which covers the entire year, eliminating the annoying problem of having to plan August events in June and having nowhere to do so

4) Less planner = more opportunity for auxiliary notebooks (i.e. for work notes, podcast planning, etc).



that enticing yellow box!

Contents, top row then bottom, left to right:

1) Weekly Insert (weekly calendar for entire year on the famous Tomoe River paper; this fits right into the planner cover)

2) Notebooks, grid-lined.  These also fit in easily.  (My current system, which is very David Allen (Getting Things Done)-inspired, involves keeping lists in one of these, which is tucked into the back of the cover for easy access.)

3) The Techo Avec planner books themselves.  So compact!

4) 2 gorgeous washi tapes that I couldn't resist (and that I have to hide from A or they will be gone in 5 minutes)

5) Memo roll - roll of neon yellow paper with a post-it-type backing.  It's wide enough to write quite a bit on.  Love this and hadn't bought it before!

6) Gorgeous and soft Imagine cover.  It is not necessary to buy a new cover every year (they hold up well!) but . . . so far I always have, plus this year I actually did need to due to switching to the smaller size.  I love this one for both how it looks and how it feels!

7) Pen (always free with purchase) - a uniball Jetstream 3 that does work perfectly with the planner paper.  This is the pen I use each year, usually requiring about 1 black refill halfway through.  I almost never use the red or blue anymore - I prefer how it looks when the writing is all black + use other pens (mostly mildliner highlighters) for accent.

8) Dot stickers - these are translucent circles and nice for a little emphasis on dates when desired

9) Pencil board - I use this mostly as a ruler to draw lines for my layout each day as well as a bookmark


So there you have it!  I hope I am not tooooo overwhelmed with baby #3 to give you some glimpses on how I will use this little delight come January.  (I suspect I may be incorporating some baby sleep tracking + pumping logs).

ALSO if you are going to comment that you have no idea how someone can use a paper planner in this day and age, well . . . you do you.  This works (quite well, if I do say so myself . . . ) for me.  #paperforever 

Monday, September 18, 2017

weekend report!

Since our last podcast focused on planning good weekends, I figured I would go into a little more detail about how we spent the last one.  To be fair (to myself . . . ha), we didn't have extensive time to plan ahead for this one, since I was supposed to be at my work conference!  That said, I was totally dying for an utterly routine and restful existence, and I think our weekend ended up hitting the spot.

Movie night.  The kids watched Super Buddies (some Air Bud spin-off) that ended up being mildly scary for both kids at one point.  But in the end they liked it and seem to have recovered.

~7:00 - both kids up!  (They have been sleeping well post-hurricane).  Josh got up early too even though technically it was his morning to sleep in.  Breakfast together.

~8:00 - kids hung out playing.  I have no idea what I did.

~9:00 - Josh and I both went running; I went inside + he went outside.

~10:30 - playground; I started w/ kids then Josh finished run + took my place

~11:30 - I showered / prepped lunch while Josh stayed @ playground

~12:30 - lunch

~1:30 - brought kids to friends' house for play date!  Josh did work 1p - 5p (we had planned this in advance).  My friend had just had a new baby (her 2nd) and we all admired him.  SO CUTE.  I am feeling ready!

~5:00 - Josh met us there and we all headed out for pizza at Lucali and then ice cream after (lucky kids!).

~8:00ish (I forget exactly) - kids in bed.  Josh put Annabel to bed actually by around 9 while I passed out.   At like 8:30 pm.  (I could blame third tri but sometimes I'm this lame anyway.)

~7:15 - kids up.  Was supposed to be my morning to sleep in, but I had slept 11 hrs and Josh had stayed up late so I didn't make him feel toooooo guilty about it.  (He was appropriately apologetic, too, which helped!)

~8:00 - breakfast, hang out time @ home (nothing specific)

~9:00 - kids watched show, I went running outside ("run" = very slow jogging for 5 min / walking 2 min, repeat several times)

~10:30 - pool time @ our house - pool has recovered from Irma!  We had thought about going to the beach (to try to remind ourselves why we live here . . . ) but there was a rip tide warning AND we were feeling lazy, so, pool at home.

~1:00 - lunch at home.  C fell asleep on the floor, entirely on his own.  It was so cute.  A played and drew 9372 pictures while I read some The Course of Love by Alain de Botton which I am LOVING.

~4:00 - stop by 10 year old nephew's bday party!  Kids ran around and hung out with much bigger kids (and some of their younger sibs/friends).

~6:30 - easy dinner at home (chicken sausages + salad)

~7:30 - kids in bed.  Shockingly C went to bed easily despite the 2 hrs he spent on the floor (he doesn't usually nap anymore).  This was also his first night at home NOT in his crib - Josh converted it to a toddler bed.  He came out once and didn't try it again.  (He is definitely our less-stubborn child . . . A + C are so different!)

~8:00 - watched episode of Black Mirror - dystopian futuristic scenario where everyone has a social-media star rating that essentially determines every aspect and opportunity in life.  We both loved it.

~9:30 - zzzz

2 workouts
some reading time
kids slept well
I slept a ton
saw family
saw friends
Josh got some work done (I did not, but didn't really try)

= I would call it a success.

PS: OMDG is blogging again, and wrote about some of her struggles with weekend planning . . . and then ended up having a great one!  I'm not saying that thinking through one's time in advance is going to solve every problem, but I do really think in many cases (including my own) it helps!!

PPS: MY 2018 HOBONICHI CAME TODAY!!!!!!  I am trying to prolong the excitement by saving the unboxing for the right moment, but that moment will probably come tonight.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hurricane Update #3: FIN

HOME!  We are home, and we have power.

Our neighborhood has a LOT of cleanup to do - but will recover.  This enormous palm tree in front of our house was toppled by the winds (not sure how clearly you can see how huge it is, but it's at least 40 feet tall).  RIP, giant royal palm.  And thank you thank you THANK YOU for not hitting anything on your way down!!!

There was a lot of damage to outdoor structures - street signs, fences, and of course trees and branches down everywhere.  But for the most part, I think the local houses fared well.  We didn't have any major flooding in my immediate neighborhood.  I am feeling very very very lucky.  

The kids did well during this adventure.  There were certainly some difficult moments, as they sensed that Josh and I were tense.  But we tried to frame it as a 'surprise trip' and taught them about Irma (C's pronunciation of this storm "Uhma" is so cute) and seemed to take in the aftermath in our neighborhood as a wonder of nature and not something frightening. 

School is scheduled to resume this coming Monday, which means they had 7 days off!  I'm wondering if they will extend the school year (either way is fine w/ me). 

Here's what our journey looked like:

HOME --> Ocala - 7 hrs 9/6/17 (8:30 pm - 3:30 am, leaving after work)
Ocala --> Birmingham 9/7/17 - 12 hrs (1:00 pm - 1:00 am)
Birmingham --> Cary NC 9/10/17 - 12 hrs (6:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Cary, NC --> HOME 9/12/17 - 19 hrs (6:00 am - 1:00 am)

2000+ miles
MANY MANY iPad movies for the kids
A lot of (gross) road food
Several long gas lines which prompted a lot of anxiety, but no complete unavailability of fuel

Josh and I analyzed our experience and in retrospect, wish we had gone straight to NC instead of Alabama!  But that's not entirely fair to our past selves, because as we made that decision, the storm was predicted to go to NC and it didn't seem like a good choice.  Otherwise, I don't think we would have done anything differently.  It just didn't make sense -- with the ages of our kids, and my pregnancy -- to attempt to 'ride out' anything.  If either of us had been on call, it would have been a stickier situation.  (Probably if Josh had been on call, I would have made aggressively early reservations to fly up with the kids to PHL to avoid the whole thing; if I were on call, we'd negotiate staying at or near my hospital).  

ANYWAY, feeling thankful and thrilled to be back to near-normal today.  I am SO GLAD I cancelled my work trip.  As much as I look forward to the yearly learning opportunities, I just need to be home right now, and need more time to recover mentally.  I am headed to work today, so as an added bonus I have extra catchup days to take care of all of the patients I missed seeing over the unexpected 'break'. 

Will be back in a day or so with a non-hurricane post, but just wanted to close this chapter and let everyone know all is well.  I hope everyone else affected (by both Harvey + Irma) continues to heal.  My thoughts are with those who were much more greatly impacted, both domestically and on the nearby islands.