Thursday, January 19, 2017

a year off of FB

I can't figure out the exact date that I left Facebook behind, but I think it has been nearly a year since I decided on an "Unplugged30" challenge which involved . . . well, quitting Facebook.  Among other things.  I deactivated my account (rather than deleting it completely).  While there's always the possibility of a return, I haven't been tempted.

If I were to click "Log In" my account would be reactivated.
I'm 11.5 months in and honestly haven't even really considered it.

Honestly, I have loooooooved not being on Facebook.  Reasons why:

1) I didn't have to consume any political @*#&@ that I didn't want to.  

2) I didn't get sucked into the ClickBait that I used to get sucked into . . .a lot.  (Physician Mommy Group -- ugh that name! -- was my particular poison, and somehow it caused hours to simply . . .evaporate into nothingness).  

3) I feel like I control my social life more.  I don't really know what others are doing (and funnily enough, when you don't know, you don't care!!  I have basically no FOMO.)

4) I do not compare myself to others as much.  I still use Instagram so I'm not immune to carefully-curated-life-image-envy, but it's far less severe for me than FB, probably because my feed is pretty sparse and contains more planner pix than say, random high school classmates.

5) I do not find myself dragged into work when I don't want to be (I'd get random novel-length endocrine questions from friends-of-friends or students wanting to rotate or what-have-you.  Sorry, but no.)

Reasons I have missed Facebook:

1) . . . . ?

I CAN'T EVEN THINK OF ONE.  If I haven't kept up with certain relationships well - perhaps there's a reason why.   I think 2017 will be FB-free as well.  #unplugged30 for the win!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

contemplating . . .

- a very early bedtime

- the natural tendency of the mind to wander

- climate change (this one just makes me sad.  where are we headed!?  nowhere good.)

- the impact of ubiquitous electronic devices, esp on kids

- the next 4 years

Not sure if it's PMS or politics, but I am out of steam this evening.  On a positive note, #happier2017 is still going strong.  Because taking comfort in the little things (or the little-but-important-to-me things) is probably a reasonable coping mechanism.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

thanks & run report

Thank you so much for your supportive and helpful comments on yesterday's post!  And check out Laura Vanderkam's thoughts on the topic, too.

So, this was my 2nd week of running with my online coach, and I do feel like I'm making some progress.  More than I was making on my own anyway!

note:  the coach suggested I aim for negative splits in my maintenance runs.

the schedule

Monday - Maintenance run.  5 mi total.  Splits: 10:16, 9:58, 9:56, 9:23, 9:09, average 9:45/mi.  52F (miracle).  5 min leg strengthening routine.

Tuesday - REST

Wednesday - Tempo run.  5.29 mi total.  1.5 mi warmup at 10:41/mi.  20 minutes tempo:  8:38/mi, 8:44/mi, and 9:0/mi for last 0.29 mi.  Cooldown 10:40/mi.  68F.  5 min core routine.

Thursday - REST

Friday - 5 mi on the treadmill at hotel (Durham).  Speeds 6.0 - 6.7 mph.  5 min leg strengthening routine.

Saturday - REST

Sunday - 7 mi long run.  9:48/mi average, splits: 10:25, 10:07, 10:03, 9:37, 9:33, 9:34, 9:18.  72F.

Total = 22.2 mi

Yep, this new schedule has more rest than I used to take.  Quite honestly . . . I kind of love it!  I think I want to make 2 days completely off per week my new normal.  It's actually really nice not to get up ridiculously early every single day.  And once I have my day-off-per-week I may get rid of another early morning . . . we'll see.