Thursday, March 23, 2017

weekend unplugged!!

I'm going to do it this weekend - Friday evening to Monday morning with:

- no email
- no social media
- no scrolling the internet 

Acceptable uses of my phone/computer will include:

- maps
- taking a pic if the moment really calls for it (though no posting of pix anywhere)
- answering texts or making calls if needed to arrange IRL things
- Headspace and the new workout app I am trying (it's a free trial, I'll report back when it's over)
- listening to music on Spotify or a podcast while running

Acceptable uses of my phone/computer WILL NOT include:

- online shopping
- reading blogs or online news
- fact-checking on the internet

Honestly I think I'd like to to try to do this every Friday/Saturday when not on call, but we'll try the whole weekend this time.  It sounds so peaceful.  I plan on doing more reading, writing/journaling, and just watching/interacting w/ the kids.  Wish me luck!  Will report back Monday.

Never(home)maker's take on blogging (I love her blog, btw): here
LV's comment-inducing post on working motherhood: here

Lately they have been playing really well together in the evenings.  It makes me so happy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

writer's block

I haven't jumped on to post lately, but not for any real reason.  Perhaps I've been inspired by my own social media break to do more inward thinking and less outward broadcasting.  I have thought about whether or not I should continue to blog, a question I have considered as numerous intervals in the past.  I do feel that as the kids get older, I will be sharing less of them for privacy reasons.  But I still have motivations to express myself and -- well -- talk about me.  I like the outlet for self-expression, and I like writing my way through problems -- often the answer becomes clear to me by the end of my own post, but the feedback is still welcome and valuable.  I also enjoy sharing my experiences as a full-time (or close to full-time) working mother.  I don't feel that the demographic of WOH-parents are proportionally represented on the blogosphere and I do like to be part of that conversation.

So, yeah.  Guess I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  

Goings-on as of late:

Running:  I am still doing it, though not training for anything right now.  And I've noticed some pyriformis pain creeping up on me so . . .yeah.  I think maybe not cross-training (at ALL!) for the past 3 months has taken its toll, and replacing my sneakers with probably 1000 miles on them should help too.  You'd think I'd know better about all this but . . . when you're injury free, it's so easy to forget about injury prevention!

Technology & Distraction:  Getting off of IG for the past month was a good move.  I was too addicted.  The more I get away from scrolling, the better I feel.  I'm a moderator when it comes to food but I may be an abstainer when it comes to other things.  Like . . .addictive apps.

Speaking of food:  I really really tried to go more plant-based.  I greatly respect those of you who are vegan or vegetarian for sustainability reasons.  But my n=1 experiment failed, I had stomach pain and bloating and gained like 3-4 lbs in just a month.  I just didn't find beans/tofu/grains to be satiating for me, leading to a) more snacking b) more sugar and most of all c) MORE (too many) CARBS.  I really think it is better for the earth to consume less meat, but I don't think I'm ready to turn 'less' into 'zero'.  I'm back to my moderator ways although we're planning in ~2 vegetarian or vegan dinners weekly (which we also take as leftovers for lunch).  And I plan on working on optimizing the sources of our animal products (currently we buy organic / Whole Foods, but I need to find out of there are better local options, or if perhaps ordering frozen from a reputable source might make more sense).  

Books/media:  Currently in the middle of Hillbilly Elegy and The Paris Architect (for book club).  I watched all of Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Josh and I are enjoying Big Little Lies.  One of my favorite bands released a new album (Real Estate - "In Mind") and I have enjoyed the coverage of SXSW.  Honestly, since lowering my social media consumption and scroll-time I've had a lot more time for other things, and it's been great.  It's amazing how I have to FORCE myself not to double-device (scroll while watching TV - gross) but when I focus my full attention on things it's so much better.

I'm on call but up to day 5/7 and not too stressed out, so that's good too!  

*  I've been off Instagram since Mar 1 and my FB account remains deactivated since Feb of 2016.   I don't use other forms of social media unless you count blogs.  I do want to go back to Instagram eventually but . . not yet.

It's an orchid-splosion!


Monday, March 13, 2017

weekend things

I am definitely happy with the way this past weekend went.  I was not perfectly distraction-free -- there were several occasions where I had my phone out and was texting, and quite possibly driving Josh nuts.  But I spent a lot of time where I did feel present.  With the kids.  With Josh.  With myself (while running).  It was really really nice.

I no longer have many temptations on my phone, which really helps*.  However, it's hard to let go of the conditioned response to respond to a text when it comes in.  I clearly do much better if my phone is nowhere in sight (don't we all?!) but sometimes I hear it.  Or see it when I pick it up to do something else (log an expense, look up directions, check if a restaurant is open, etc).

I might actually entertain the idea of turning it OFF -- OFF! -- for a weekend in the future, as long as I am with the kids.  Who else could possibly need to reach me emergently?  And if they did, they could go through Josh.  That said I am dependent on the GPS to go anywhere unfamiliar.  So, yeah.

Weekend happenings:
- rather lazy Saturday AM
- dropped A at a playdate (seriously these drop-off playdates make me feel like I have such big kids!)
- took C for a coffee & cookie & some playground fun during A's date
- Josh worked in the AM but met up with us after.  I have decided that this is my preferred time slot for him to get things done if needed -- best to get it OUT of the way!
- went to The Actor's Playhouse children's theater to see Jack and the Beanstalk - and both kids sat happily and watched!  This was a first.
- family date night (Josh & his parents) at Macchialina.  We never get to talk without a kid interrupting mid-sentence these days so this was really nice.

6 mi run 
- beach trip!  There were rainclouds in our area so we drove about 45 minutes north and ended up in Hollywood.  It was super low-key, less crowded, and we did escape the rain.  The water was a little rough and cold (uhh, to us, we're wimps) so the kids mostly played in the sand and ran back and forth along the shoreline.  It was great.
- lunch @ Le Tub - beer + snow crabs* were consumed while enjoying a view of the Intercoastal.
- Whole Foods trip with Annabel.  I loved having the one-on-one time with her.

We didn't do so well with the DST bedtime (I think it was 9:15 pm before the kids were in bed which is more than an hour later than normal so, oops).  So, tired today.  But it was a really nice weekend.

Neverhome(maker) My month away from Facebook
Un-Fancy Some Pieces Are Worth the Wait(mostly b/c I am jealous of her Piece)

* I miss Instagram, but honestly the break is healthy.  
** Yes I am trying to eat more plant-based but I just am not an all-or-nothing kind of person!

View of the intercoastal waterway at Le Tub

Enjoying the view

Apres-beach.  Attempted a photo together but he played hard-to-get as usual


Boats and blue sky